How to Use Ceilings as Splendid Design Features

Most people neglect the colour of the ceiling and they just leave it white or in its original state. However, that is a mistake, since there are plenty of things you can do with it that will transform the look of the entire room. There are several ways of creating a cosier atmosphere in the room by just repainting the ceiling and here are some good ideas for your new design.

White Ceilings

The most common choice for the ceiling is the colour white. Decorators find it a classic colour and a safe choice when it comes to ceilings because you won’t have to repaint them that often. Another reason why white is the most popular colour for the ceiling is because it visually makes the room appear bigger than it actually is.

If the walls are white as well, the atmosphere in the room completely changes and it looks open and airy. However, if the colour of the walls is darker, you will add height and the white ceiling will nicely frame the design. That framing is beneficial if you have any architectural features, such as the crown moulding, that you wish to draw attention to.

Match the Walls

If you like a more unified design and an atmosphere that feels complete, you should paint the ceiling the same colour as the rest of the walls. However, you have to be careful not to make the room too dark. If the walls are painted in some darker hues, such as dark purple, red, blue or even bronze, you can match the colour of the ceiling but you have to provide the light.

In such situations make sure there’s enough natural light coming in and provide layers of light with various lighting fixtures. With the same colours of the walls and ceilings, you will provide a look that it soothing to the eye and there will be no surprising colour contrasts that can disrupt the visual comfort.

Entirely Different Colour

For smaller and seemingly duller rooms you should provide plenty of contrast. There is no better way to do so than by painting the ceiling into an entirely different or contrasting colour. This way, you will give the room some depth and character, thus making it your favourite place in the house.

Your white room can be transformed into an elegant chic one just by painting the ceiling dark red or violet. Also, turquoise colour makes a perfect contrast to darker shades, such as gray, dark blue or black. All you have to do is find the perfect match, invest in the best house paint products, and your room will be refreshed.

Slightly Different Hues

For some people and rooms, a totally different colour of the ceiling can be too much. However, this decorating strategy can be altered a bit. Add a twist by painting the ceiling into a slightly lighter or darker colour than the walls. By doing this, you will still provide contrast in the room, while the design will be unified and deeper. You can try out several different shades of the desired colour to find the perfect match, since the ceilings tend to appear darker than the walls.

For a cosier atmosphere you should pick a darker shade of the colour of the walls for the ceiling, but if you want more dynamics, you can opt for lighter shades in some other, contrasting colours. This strategy is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, since it makes the room feel bigger and airier and you won’t feel like the ceiling is closing down on you anymore.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do with ceilings, from keeping them white and simple to providing contrast and adding visual space to the desired room. Just make sure you find a good ceiling paint and the colour that fits perfectly into your interior design and your ceiling will never look the same.






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