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  • Guide to Avoiding a Renovation Nightmare

    Guide to Avoiding a Renovation Nightmare

    The world of renovations can easily turn into a scary place if you don’t watch your step. To put it a bit less poetically, the chances of making a mistake that can result in the whole process spiraling out of control are pretty high if you aren’t careful. Here’s a guide to avoiding a renovation […]

  • 7 things to have in mind when painting your rental

    If you are planning to paint your rental, there are some rules to follow. These are the 7 things to have in mind when painting your rental!

  • Covid 19 Precautions

  • Contemporary Industrial Design: Merging Residential and Commercial

    Once there used to be a clear line between the residential spaces and the rest of the world. Homes were relaxing and comforting, while cafes, hotels, and shops kept an air of formality. However, just as the line between work and home has blurred, so has the interior design of public and private venues. Post-war […]

  • How to Choose Area Rugs for a Kids’ Room

    No matter where you live, perhaps a Chicago 2-bedroom apartment or a New York City penthouse, decorating your children’s room is an exciting project, but also quite challenging as well. You have to approach it carefully and try to combine lots of separate elements into one coherent mix. The floor is one of the most […]

  • Metal Cladding: An Expert’s Guide

    Metal cladding has been a very popular choice in architecture for quite some time now. Designer and experts alike seem to have truly embraced metal cladding not only for its flexibility but for its clean look and a beautiful finish. However, since metal cladding comes in many different shapes, styles, materials and finishes, deciding on […]

  • Water-Efficient Plumbing: Every Drop Counts

    While the headlines often focus on environmental impact of huge industrial projects, more and more homeowners are getting increasingly concerned about their homes’ environmental footprints. Many people have already adopted eco-friendly practices such as LED lighting, high-value insulation, and passive home designs, but there is another area that needs to be brought under the green […]

  • Why You Should Transform Your Home into A Duplex

    When buying your first home, you might opt for a single-family home because of its price, convenience, bigger backyard and privacy. However, one of the best reasons for buying a single-family home is actually the fact that you can easily turn it into a duplex, and still keep a backyard or a garden, although maintenance […]

  • Lighting Ideas for an Outdoor Living Space

    When it comes to design, there are many things you should consider from colors and materials to textures and, of course, lighting. Lighting can make or break any atmosphere, which is why you want your outdoor lighting to be just as great as your indoor one, especially if you use your garden for entertaining your […]

  • Top Tips for 2017 from Interior Design Experts

    It’s never easy to define what a modern home looks like. Trends come and go very fast, and we do our best to keep up. A modern home is always stylish, but it’s also always evolving, and today we have lovely, contemporary homes that would probably look futuristic and crazy to our grandparents. If you’re […]