Top Tips for 2017 from Interior Design Experts

It’s never easy to define what a modern home looks like. Trends come and go very fast, and we do our best to keep up. A modern home is always stylish, but it’s also always evolving, and today we have lovely, contemporary homes that would probably look futuristic and crazy to our grandparents. If you’re hoping to decorate your home with style and elegance, we’re here to help you with top tips from interior designers.

Going green

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard is a celebrity interior designer who swears that the next hot color is green – all shades of green! Not only is greenery Pantone’s color for the year 2017, but different shades of green will be able to completely transform your home. Think about vibrant emerald green in your living room, soft moss green in your bathroom, and lovely lime green in your kitchen. Of course, you don’t have to turn your home into a green box, but adding splashes of greenery will show that you follow trends and pay attention to details. Something as simple as fun emerald glasses, moss green throw pillows, and light green curtains will make every room look alive.

Make it exotic

You might have noticed that already, but interior design experts find inspiration in fashion shows and runways, so this year we’ll be experimenting with all things tropical. Lovely wallpapers and curtains with cute palm trees, floral prints, and tiny pineapples will take over from the boring navy and burgundy. If you don’t like the idea of your living room looking like a jungle, opt for something a bit more discreet, such as tablecloths or throw pillows with the trendy patterns.

The importance of texture
A great way to make your interior more inviting and elegant is to add texture. Mixing patterns can be complicated, but mixing fabrics and materials will be easy, and it’s becoming incredibly popular. Texture is really important, and you’ll soon start noticing the details such as brushed brass tables, faux fur rugs and blankets, and textured wallpapers. You can take a look at these wonderful horse fleece blankets from Horse Scout. A quick and easy way to add texture to a room is to drape a wool throw over a comfy leather chair, or add fluffy pillows and soft rugs.

Touch of luxury

When we say luxury, we think luxurious materials along with expensive pieces. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a lamp, you can pick ordinary pieces that are made of luxurious materials. Think marble, crystal, silk, and brass – all of these will dominate the following seasons. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways will be covered with such materials and elements. There is something intriguing in the combination of very natural and clean white marble, and hard, industrial brass. Bronze is also on the rise because this simple metal is capable of warming up any space. This is why you can place bronze lamps and decorative bowls in your kitchen and living room.

Deep kitchen drawers

The one thing we all need in the kitchen is additional space. No matter how many cabinets, drawers, and space on the counter we have, we could always use some more. When you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, ease of storage should be your top priority. Deep drawers are always handy, and they are much more useful than regular lower kitchen cabinets, and they are getting better and more affordable. If you add dividers and inserts, you’ll get even more space and it won’t look any different.

Keep it gray

Gray started gaining popularity in 2016, and this year we’re still obsessed with it. It’s cool, calm, elegant, and super-easy to combine with pretty much every other color. Gray has an almost magic touch and complements a full spectrum of shades, which makes it perfect for any room. If you’re not sure how to decorate your home, reliable Sydney architects will be able to help you transform it into a place from your dreams.

Having a modern home means that you should always be willing to play with materials, colors, and styles. Don’t be afraid to improvise and combine things you didn’t think were compatible – you might be pleasantly surprised with the result. Be playful and easy-going, and show how creative you are by embracing the modern design style in your home.







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