7 things to have in mind when painting your rental

A person holding a paint roller against the white wall

Adding a splash of color to the walls of your rental is a fantastic way to make it seem more like home and less like a home you’re ‘borrowing.’ Painting while renting, on the other hand, might be problematic. Before anything, it’s crucial to talk to your landlord to make sure they’re on board with the plan. So you don’t forget something that may cost you later, here are the seven things to have in mind when painting your rental.

1) You have to get an approval

To avoid having any unnecessary problems, ask your landlord for approval before doing anything. If you don’t, you risk losing a part or even your whole security deposit. Check your contract. If it says you are allowed to paint, you should still ask. If the agreement states you cannot paint it, ask your landlord anyway, and you might strike a deal. You can also offer to paint the walls back to the original color before you move out.

2) Do not go overboard

If you are bored with the mundane walls in your rental and want some change, or if your child wants a purple room, think about it first. You do not need to go overboard. After you get your landlord’s permission, you should start small. Start by painting one wall at a time. Think about whether it’s worth painting the whole room or apartment if you will have to repaint it when you decide to move out. 

Two people holding hands while painting walls
When painting your rental, you should start small.

3) Take extra caution

Painting is a messy process, and accidents are almost inevitable. You can spill some paint, which isn’t always that bad. But if you spill dark paint on a white sofa that isn’t yours, that is a problem. If you do it yourself, try to think like a professional and be very careful. Prepare your room by moving the furniture away from the area that you are painting.

Furthermore, it would be best to cover everything with cellophane or old newspapers. If you damage the furniture, you will pay for all the repairs. This is why this is one of the most important things to have in mind when painting your rental!

4) Do not spend a lot of money

Keep in mind that you aren’t painting your house. There is a solid chance you won’t stay in your rental for too long, and that’s why you shouldn’t push the boat out. You can hire some affordable painters, but it’s way cheaper to DIY it. Also, don’t use expensive paints and tools. Do some research on more economical options. Cheap colors have a shorter lifespan, but they should keep you covered while you are in the apartment. 

Two people painting a wall
There is no need to spend extra money on professionals; you can do it yourself!

5) Feel free to experiment with paints

If you like taking risks, this is probably the chance to do so. Since you won’t spend too much time in your rental, this is your chance to experiment. Paint the walls in patterns or pastel colors, or paint one wall super bold and vibrant. Have fun while painting; it is an artsy process, after all. 

Several different paint buckets
This is your chance to experiment with paints!

6) Consult your landlord before you move out

When you break the news that you are moving out, be sure to talk to your landlord about the painting. Some landlords will require you to paint the walls back into their original state, while others will keep them the way they are. It is an infrequent occasion, but it happens sometimes. Typically, you will be required to paint it back to a neutral color. Make sure to let everyone know that you are relocating on time, so you don’t have to rush the work.

7) Don’t wait until the last minute

Don’t wait for the last week to paint over your walls before moving out. It can be a lengthy process, so give yourself some time. If you rush painting your rental, it will be stressful, and you may make mistakes. So, give yourself a month before moving out to paint your apartment back into its original color. To battle the stress that you’re feeling, you can always avail products like CBD Oil UK. Be sure to apply for your Medical Marijuana Cards through DocMJ today.