Things to Know about Solar Water Heaters

Solar thermal systems are brilliant way to harvest the sun’s free energy in order to provide hot water amenity for the entire household throughout the day. Despite the initial expenditure, this heating method is bound to pay off immensely in the years to come. Here are some things you need to know if you want to enjoy an eco-conscious, cost-effective, end-of-the-workday bath.

Main benefits

  1. Most people will rejoice to hear they can lower their utility bill significantly by opting for this water heating method. Your balance will keep getting better and better right after the installation.
  2. The system can accommodate the hot water needs of an average family for a whole year, with the small-scale backup of a conventional boiler.
  3. Last but not least, you’ll be making an environmentally sound move by utilising clean and sustainable energy of the sun. This will reduce the overall carbon footprint and pollution.

How it works

274597712_6efdeb8479_zIn short, solar water heating systems is powered by collectors (another term for solar panels) that are secured to your roof surface. They are designed to harvest the heat from the sun and employ it to warm up the water located in the hot water cylinder.

In most cases, an immersion or boiler heater is fitted as a plan-B solution to increase the amount of hot water for the large families or winter conditions. You can choose from two available types of heating panels, the flat plate collectors and evacuated tubes. They go directly onto the tiles or into the roof structure.

Things to consider

  • It’s a general misconception that direct sunlight is a crucial factor of functionality of the solar panel heating system, as the system is operating (almost) the same in overcast and cloudy weather. However, you will need approximately 5m² of roof space to place an entire structure. The panels can also be set on a wall or a flat roof.
  • You will need enough space for undisturbed placement of a large hot water cylinder
  • Make sure your current heating tank is compatible with the desired solar water heating system
  • Call a licensed residential water heater installation professional for planning and installation of the system

Maintenance and savings

While the initial expenditure may require careful budgeting and applying for government incentive programme, the maintenance costs tend to be rather low. On average, the savings can range from 100-200 dollars for houses and systems of different size. The numbers can vary for people who used to have an electrical immersion heating system and gas system. Also, the savings are different for users with dissimilar heating needs and habits.

When maintenance is concerned, the majority of solar water heating systems come with a 5-year or a 10-year warranty and demand minimum upkeep. Once you have it installed, the accredited installer will give you a maintenance calendar that tells you what check-ups need to be performed (and when) for the optimal operation of the apparatus.

Potential issues

shwhProbably one of the most common issues you should look out for is the occurrence of leaks, advise plumbers from Monmouth County. You can detect an antifreeze leak without visual confirmation since these give off a peculiar, pungent smell. If you notice a hint of any weird smell, make sure to call the installer right away.

Another problem that’s a cause to contact your installer is the lack of hot water on warm, sunny days. It’s recommended that you sign up for an annual service check and leave the scheduling in the hands of professionals.

Apart from standard yearly maintenance, your system will need a thorough check-up every 3 to 7 years, according to the installer’s prescriptions.  After this period expires, you may expect problems with the antifreeze. Since this will interfere with the normal function of your heating system, you need to replace or replenish it on time, and make sure the system is active during the entire year. Lastly, a pump can last around 10 years and it’s fairly cheap to replace.

Solar water heating system is a perfect opportunity to join the global battle for sustainability and save some money as well. These are some basic information everyone interested in the solar panel system should be acquainted with.






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