Smart Ways to Increase Your Garden Shed Storage Capacity

No matter how large your garden shed seems to be at first, there will eventually come the time when you will start lacking storage space. This happens either due to significant increase in number of items used or improper organization, latter being more frequent. Luckily, instead of having to build another garden shed, investing time, money and effort into these smart ways to increase your garden storage capacity will solve the problem in the long run. 

Thorough cleanup and regular decluttering

3495242289_e286ca6c66_zThe first step in increasing any storage capacity is a thorough cleanup and clutter removal. There is no place for sentimentality when storage is concerned. Only the things that really belong in your garden shed should be stored there and nothing else. For example, old bicycles, car tires and tools that are not used in the garden should be stored in a garage, or elsewhere. Old, unused or rarely used gardening items should be thoroughly decluttered and the process repeated at least every season.  Having settled this, you laid a perfect foundation for the following steps.

Keep everything organized

Only a perfectly organized and well-kept space has a potential for increased storage capacity. Start with clearly labeling your tool storage and keep every individual one in its designated place at all times. Labeled toolboxes proved to be very useful, especially when it comes to small items that are so easily misplaced if not meticulously stored. Another practical and space saving storage solution are hanging storage bins. They are easy to make and can be placed practically anywhere on the walls or the sides of the shelves. Next, keep your floor clean of items. Round the hoses and wrap them around wall mounted hooks or an old bicycle tire rim. Not only will they stop getting in the way, but you will easily access them the next time they are needed.

Large items

It is quite understandable that the bulkier items require additional attention when it comes to making the best of the available storage capacity. Unlike smaller items and vertical storage being the best solution, the best way to store large and heavy items are versatile shelving and pallet racking. Not only will this type of storage increase the available storage capacity but you can rest assured that all of your heavy tools, machinery or any other large items will be stored in a significantly safer manner than any other storage solution there is.

Vertical storage

6175689780_2dd275d248_zIn the vast majority of garden sheds, or any other storage places for that matter, the volume that is least used is the top third part of the room. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this large area of space should be used in a significantly better manner. And, vertical storage is what saves the day here, particularly if it is embodied in the use of floor to ceiling shelves. Naturally, the bottom shelves should be used for moderately heavy items that are being used frequently, and the top ones for all those light items that are needed but are not used so frequently.  Sliding ceiling storage is another highly practical and useful way to increase storage capacity.

Implementing all these improvements will guarantee that your garden shed will be perfectly functional and organized and, above all, increase its storage capacity. Whether things will stay that way depends solely on you and your will and effort to keep your garden organized. In order to gain long term results, think of it as a continual process, not an overnight solution.






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