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Want a better garden? Adding organic compost will improve the quality of your garden soil making your plants healthier and stronger.

Plants need good soil conditions if they are to give the best results. Improving the soil with plenty of organic matter in the form of compost helps drainage and aeration on heavy soils and conserves essential moisture on light ones.

On the veg patch or areas of bare soil, consider growing green manures – these are seedling crops that are dug back in to enrich the soil. Don’t dig soil for the sake of it. Once planted, the ground can be enriched by mulching and allowing worms to help incorporate it.

Your gardens benefits in many ways some of which are:
• Enriches soil with nutrients for plant growth
• Releases nutrients slowly so they don’t leach away like synthetic fertilizers
• Improves soil structure
• Promotes drainage and aeration in clay soil
• Enhances moisture and nutrient retention in sandy soil
• Reduces soil compaction
• Inhibits erosion
• Attracts earthworms, nature’s best soil builders

By having better soil you will use less water, this applies to your lawn as well. Knowing the tricks to watering your lawn will save you money. Keeping your grass around 2.5” will promote deeper roots which will result in less water needed. Knowing what kind of soil you have will help you water your lawn more efficiently.

• Sandy soil needs deeper watering for longer periods and less frequently
• Clay soil needs short intervals more frequently

Saving water will lower your monthly ulitity bill. You will also save time and money by landscaping with decorative rock. By installing a quality landscape fabric under the material it will significantly reduce the growth of weeds. With rock landscaping you will have less maintenance. We have a varity of color, sizes and products to make your yard beautiful. You can learn more about the benefits of compost soil at

Note: Don’t attempt to do all your digging and soil improvement in one go. It’s easy to overdo it and strain muscles, even if you are physically fit. Most importantly, do some gentle warm up exercises before you start and stretches when you finish.

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Want to know how much material you need?
One yard 1” covers approx. sq ft
1″ Deep 240
2″ Deep 120
3″ Deep 80
4″ Deep 60
2″-4″ 70
5″-12″ 45
Mulch 120
Sand/Soil 2″ 120
Flagstone 120 Per ton

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