How to Make a Viral Real Estate Video and Increase Your Prospects

Buying a home is the biggest purchase most people do in their life. That is why it’s often very subjective and emotional. Every purchase with so many emotions involved needs to use creative marketing solutions just like with singapore ecommerce to ensure home buyers that they are doing the right thing.

Until recently most real estate agents were using photos to attract and convert leads and prospects.

The final presentation is usually held at the premise in the form of an ‘Open Day.’ Although this system can work fairly well, low-resolution photos taken by the real estate agents’ phone can be a great drawback for potential buyers. On the other hand, if you decide to hire a professional photographer, you might look just a little bit too desperate to sell your place.

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Then, a decade ago, agencies started using videos to present real estate on offer. Video provides much better insight in the property that’s being sold. It also allows sellers and real estate agents to add much more creativity and emotion to their campaigns. Innovative and high-quality real estate videos can quickly become viral. Viewers will share them, even if they are not interested in making a purchase, and eventually the campaign will attract the right buyer. Homebuyers who would like to get ahead of the competition may visit sites like to help them submit a cash offer.

What makes a real estate video viral?

MTV Cribs shows are probably the first viral real estate videos. They were seen by millions of people from all over the world, and most of the properties that were featured in the show were very popular among real estate buyers. Still, those were the old days, when everything that pops up on popular TV in prime time had a large following.

The Internet works differently. For content to become viral, it needs to satisfy the long list of tough standards, especially in such a conservative industry, such as real estate. Josh Altman’s real estate video, created for charity is one of the brightest examples of highly viral real estate content. As you can see in the video, Josh didn’t follow the regular real estate video presentation routine, which is one of the reasons why his video has become instantly popular.

For a real estate video to become viral, it needs to be…

1.     Funny – Not just funny, it needs to be funny to the target audience. This means that before making it, real estate agents and sellers need to do their homework and create precise buyer persona profiles, to whom they will show the video and other segments of their campaign.

2.     Creative – Viral real estate videos usually differ from the regular property video presentation forms. For example, Josh decided to present the house in the form of hip hop video, and there are thousands of other creative concepts you can use.

3.     Short – Real estate videos are not the thorough presentations that explain every property feature. They shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes. This way they’ll be much easier to watch, digest and share.

4.     Memorable – It’s hard to explain what makes the video memorable. The best way to understand this term is to watch at least a few more viral videos. From “Gangman Style” to “Adelle Carpool Karaoke”, each video has its trait that draws the attention to it and motivates people to share it online.

5.     Catch the right moment Good timing is one of the most important traits of every viral video. When making a real estate video presentation, you need to find the right moment for its release. The first social media post should fit into your target audience’s daily routine and corresponds well with the current real estate market trends.

6.     Promoted in the right way – Promotion is the key to making your video viral. It requires you to use several social media platforms and other promotional channels and to organize paid campaigns.

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How much does it cost?

Some real estate videos cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is a great investment if you are selling a villa, penthouse or a luxury condo in a premium location. Still, you can make good real estate videos even if you are selling a more affordable property. Video production is not as expensive as it used to be. Technically, you can get off with a good-quality DSLR camera, microphone and a reliable video editing software.

If you want to hire professionals for this task always choose a respectable graphic design studio that also provides video production service, over a professional film or commercial studios. This way, the whole process will cost much less.

Although the real estate video form is just emerging in some markets, it’s not nearly as new as some other more advanced forms of property presentation. Top real estate agencies invest a lot of money in content creation, sometimes that might be overwhelming, so it might be wise to take small business loans in order to support these necessary activities. Some of them use drones for filming incredible videos, while others are more into virtual and augmented reality technologies. This way, they can provide much more realistic insight to potential buyers and make them imagine that the property is already theirs.

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