Organising Your Bathroom with the Entire Family in Mind

Depending on the size of your family, the need to reorganize your bathroom may include minor or significant interventions. Ideally, you would have enough bathrooms to cater to the needs of every family member, but more often than not, that is not the case.

All those living with kids, especially teenagers, are quite familiar with the problems related to sharing a single bathroom. Such problems include having your bathroom occupied for longer periods, too many items being kept in the bathroom, mess and inability to keep the room clean.

So, what is it that we have to take into account when planning a family bathroom or just trying to convert the existing one into a more family-friendly place? Let’s look at some tips you might find useful.

Introduce a step stool

17783485300_45c315493c_zWhether you buy or have one built into your vanity area, you most certainly need to think about how younger and shorter family members can reach the faucet and other things they need. This is also supposed to prevent kids from knocking something over when they’re trying to reach something. Of course, they should be taught to remove the stool once they’re done using it, thus helping your bathroom stay mess-free.

Use hooks instead of towel bar

If you opt for hooks, you can hang them at any height you wish, which would help your kids hang their towels by themselves. This is not possible with a towel bar, since you always have to adjust and refold the results of kids’ unsuccessful attempts to leave a towel properly hanging over a towel bar.

One large or two smaller ones?

“When it comes to choosing between one big sink and a double one, most people opt for the former, since more people can use it simultaneously and it seems be quicker to clean. This choice, of course, presents itself only if you have enough space in your bathroom. If that is not the case, there is little you can do and you have to wait for your turn to use the sink.

Decorating your bathroom

If you have space on the walls, you might consider hanging your favourite family photos instead of a typical landscape. Young ones usually enjoy seeing images of themselves, so they’re bound to love this touch of personalisation. Also, that might make them be careful about not leaving a mess while in the bathroom.

Another decorative, but also very practical item is resurfacing. Kids have a tendency to damage bathroom cabinets, showers and bathtubs or make them extremely dirty. The bathroom resurfacing services that we offer will leave your furniture, fixtures and tiles looking modern, clean, fresh and new, claim Sydney-based bathroom resurfacing pros.

Finally, consider covering the whole walls with tiles. This is particularly important in areas where children use water, since you need to keep your drywall really dry.

Storage issues

11348224734_3674a5d557_zNaturally, the more people use the bathroom, the more storage space you need. Each person uses towels, soaps, a toothbrush, while kids also have a lot of bath toys, as well. This means that you need to carefully plan your storage space, estimate your needs and try to use every inch available, even if it means going all the way up to the ceiling!

As you can see, organising a bathroom in such a way that it suits all family members who use it is a challenge. Each individual has different needs, both in terms of the time when they occupy the room and the number of things they keep in it. It is only with careful planning, organisation and agreement among the users that problems can be avoided, which is why you should try to get everyone on board before you actually introduce any changes to the design.






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