Delta Disaster

disaster cleanupDelta Disaster Services® was established to provide an unsurpassed full-service restoration experience for property owners who have sustained any type of water damage, fire damage, mold, ice, or other damage to their homes and properties.

Our projects have been demanding as well as complex. Many times, we have been hired because of our ability to perform difficult, unusual, and complicated work. All of our work is done to the highest standard possible, and our working relationship with our customers has been excellent.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our product and services provided are the highest quality possible. We achieve this by using innovation, a skilled labor force, high quality equipment, and high quality materials. Our operation, in which disaster response, restoration, and premium customer service are completely integral to each other.

Delta Disaster Services of Southern Utah
601 W 2675 N
PO Box 693
Cedar City, UT

Phone 435-865-1292
Fax 435-865-2823

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