Bringing Your Poolside Back to Its Former Glory

Owning a pool can be a year-round commitment, and while it may have been shiny and beautiful a few years ago, chances are it’s due for a makeover. Renewing your poolside doesn’t have to be hefty on the family budget. Rather, by implementing small changes to the décor and surroundings as well as the pool itself, you can create a poolside worthy of an episode of Cribs. So how do you do it?

Upgrade Your Tile and Paving Game

Before you think that panic is the only reasonable thing to do here, keep in mind that changing your tiles and paving doesn’t have to be an expensive investment at all. Tiles can be replaced at a very low cost, while paving could just as well be pressure washed or relayed.

Once you change the tiles, you will feel like you have a completely new pool altogether, shiny and clean. Of course, try to consult the professionals to find out which are the best solutions for your pool, as some types of pavers are not suitable for pool areas.

Set the Mood with Lights

Upgrade your lighting in and around the pool area in order to create an enjoyable atmosphere. There are plenty of simple and affordable lighting options for you to choose from, and even the smallest of changes can have a tremendous impact on the aesthetics of your pool area.

Additionally, experiment with lighting inside the pool as well, as this can be a wonderful addition that people will love. Some of the best lighting options include LED lights that you can find at a fair price in almost any color you can imagine, and although they are not cheap, they will last for years.

This type of lighting can breathe new life into the pool area, especially at night. Just make sure to consult an expert on this matter if you are not versed in electrical wiring. More so, playing with electricity and water can be very dangerous, so best remain on the safe side and let the pros do it.

New Paint, Old Pool

It’s amazing how a simple coat of new paint can make all the difference. Pool painting can be tricky business so make sure to follow some specific steps in order to re-paint your pool successfully without risking paint chipping or breaking.

First, make sure to use the same type of paint previously applied to the pool surface. This can be epoxy, chlorinated rubber or acrylic paint. The best way to determine the previous paint type is to chip off a sample and take it to your local paint dealer for assessment. Once you know the type, make sure to get one of those pool paint solutions that will not crack or chip.

Now, you can move on to cleaning the pool. Make sure to drain the pool completely and remove any dirt or debris. After that, you have to patch or caulk any existing cracks, holes and damages with hydraulic cement. There are detailed instructions that come with a hydraulic cement machine, so don’t worry.

Next, you can go ahead and clean the entire pool surface thoroughly. Be sure to re-rinse the entire pool, paying special attention to drains, lights and stairs. You will need to pump out any remaining water and let the surface dry for 3-5 days. Keep in mind that acrylic paints are the only ones that can be applied to damp surfaces.

Finally, apply the paint with a roller by starting from the deep end of the pool and working your way up to the lower end. You can use a brush to reach small areas such as valves, lights, and drains. Once finished, allow the paint to dry, usually 3-5 days before filling the pool. Adjust the filter and chemical settings for proper maintenance and you’re good to go!


If you’ve always wondered what a Jacuzzi feels like, now is the time to find out. Rather than investing your year’s salary into a poolside Jacuzzi, install water jets in the pool or water sprayers anywhere you like and use them as head or back massagers.

Water sprayers are more affordable than water jets, but if you have the resources they can be the perfect addition to your pool as they will bring the benefits of bubbling, massaging water right to your pool.

Another valuable accessory is sun protection. While the majority of the pool should bask in the sunlight, there should always be that one small area you can seek refuge in when the sun gets to hot and you need to cool down with a refreshing drink in your hand. The perfect solution for this is installing a shade sail around the pool.

Now you know – restoring your pool’s former glory can be economical and fun at the same time. All you’ll need are a few creative ideas and a strong desire to make your pool shine once more.






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