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7 Remodel Ideas for Your Spare Room

If you have a spare bedroom that is always vacant, or even worse, that is always full of junk, let
this be your sign of remodeling and repurposing it. All of us are seeking that extra square
footage, and you have it! So, make the most of it. Turn that room into something you always
wanted or something you desperately need. Or, turn it into something fun or that will eventually
bring you money. The possibilities are endless. But, because choices are endless, you are
probably struggling to decide. Don’t worry – we got you. We prepared a list of 7 to remodel ideas
for your spare room that you can’t go wrong with. If you want to get inspired and motivated for
some DIY or call your contractor, keep reading. 

  1. Home Office 
    Yes, spring is the best time for home renovation projects. But, just because spring is over doesn’t
    mean that you shouldn’t renovate anything. When it comes to a spare bedroom, every day is
    perfect for renovating it and giving it a purpose. 
    If you work from home, you don’t even have to consider other remodel ideas for your spare room
  • You need a home office! Why work from your kitchen island or your coffee table when you
    have the space to fit all the office furniture and equipment you need?
    The best part about home offices is that you don’t need a lot of time and money to build them.
    You just need a clear space which you will fill with a desk and chair, and if possible, with some
    custom-made shelves. 
A home office, one of the remodel ideas for your spare room
A home office is a great addition to any home
  1. Gym 
    The last couple of years, or the so-called corona years, have taught us that we can do many
    things at home. We learned that we can work from home, we can socialize from home, and we
    can work out from home. 
    In order to work out from the comfort of your home, of course, you don’t need anything. Just a
    little bit of space and preferably some props. But, if you already have that spare bedroom, why
    not elevate your workouts? 
    You can remove everything from the room, fill it only with gym equipment, and use it for your
    practices. But, be careful when moving your gym equipment – it is not only heavy but also very
    fragile. Learn to move it safely in order to protect the equipment and yourself.
  2. Walk-in Closet 
    There is not a person in this room who wouldn’t like to have a walk-in closet. We saw that in a
    couple of movies, and now, we are all installing it in our homes. So, why wouldn’t you do the
    same when this is one of the best remodel ideas for your spare bedroom? 
    However, if you do decide to turn your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet, be sure you have
    enough money in your budget. Closets that go from floors to ceilings can be quite expensive!
    And, you want some good quality ones in order for that closet to look nice. 
  3. Playroom for the Children 
    One of the best things you can do for your children is to give them their own playroom. This will
    be the place where they will make some of the best memories. Moreover, this will be the place
    that will ‘hold’ all those toys that are typically scattered all over your house. 

So, don’t think much; if you have kids and a spare bedroom, do something everybody will
appreciate – create a playroom. Talk to your children about this – ask them about their favorite
colors, characters, toys, etc., and use all that information to create their dream room. Play around
with different kinds of paint and finishes, with furniture pieces, and with the decor! Playrooms
should be colorful and lively. 

Two girls playing with toys.
Caption: Your little ones will have a blast in their new playroom, one of the remodel ideas for your spare room
  1. Pet Sanctuary 
    But, if your children already have their rooms, or if you simply don’t have children, we have
    some more remodel ideas for your spare bedroom! Let your pets have it! This way, you will not
    have to stumble over pet beds, toys, and bowls all the time. And, you will not have to sleep on a
    bunch of pet hairs all the time. 
    The best part about creating a pet sanctuary out of your spare room is that you won’t have to
    spend a lot of money. If the room is in bad shape, just repaint the walls, and have a new flooring installation.
    Then, buy some second-hand sofa or couch, add your pet’s stuff, and that is it. 
  2. Airbnb 
    Maybe one of the best remodeling ideas for your spare room is turning it into Airbnb. This is a
    great way to earn some cash and to meet people from all over the world! 
    However, don’t do this if your spare room can’t be separate from the rest of your home. In order
    to maintain your and your guest’s privacy and safety, you must make a completely separated
    space. And that space must have everything necessary for one’s comfortable stay – a bed area, a
    small kitchenette, and a bathroom. Thus, it just goes without saying that the only way for you to
    do this is to have a big spare bedroom in the first place! 

If you do have a big spare room, amazing. You can totally do this. Make sure to renovate it
completely and make it representable. Moreover, find a solution to store your belongings both
during and after renovation – you can’t fill the guest area with your stuff.

A small living room
Caption: Separated spare bedrooms are great for Airbnbs!
  1. Hobby Room 
    And, if you want to do something just for yourself, just turn that spare room into your hobby
    room. If you like watching movies, turn it into a home cinema. If you like reading books, turn
    them into a home library. And, if you like art and crafts, turn it into an arts&crafts room. 
    There is nothing wrong with doing something just for yourself. It is much better to give this
    empty room a purpose than to just leave it be. You will see that having a hobby room is amazing
  • you will always have your little sanctuary and place to go and forget about the rest of the world.
    As you have seen, there are many remodel ideas for your spare room to try out. We mentioned
    just 7 of them, but it is up to you to decide what you will do with them. However, before you
    take out your tool kit and visit your hardware store, be sure to know what you are doing. DIY-ing
    is not that easy, so don’t start building closets and taking down the walls if you don’t have the
    experience. It is much better to hire somebody than to make a huge mistake.