5 Surprisingly Smart Exterior Upgrades

A lot of people neglect the curb appeal of their home because they believe it isn’t as important as interior design. Unfortunately for them, nothing can be further from the truth. Whether you’re planning to put your house up for sale and want to increase its value or you simply want to enjoy aesthetically pleasing exterior, investing in exterior upgrades is crucial.

Some interventions may require more substantial funds, but most of them do not break the bank. Some are even a great opportunity to get your family together and organise some maintenance work in your front and back garden. Whichever method you choose, you’re likely to benefit from improving the exterior appeal of your house.

Cleaning up

Before you start with any works, you need to consider driveway and walkway maintenance, clean the area around your house and get rid of any objects or plants that are not contributing to the overall appeal. You might want to wash the walls, mow the lawn, paint the fence or front door or use new mulch in flower beds.

Trimming the trees and shrubs and edging flower beds have a dramatic effect and most people can do it themselves. Another inexpensive, yet efficient idea is to remove dead plants and any other plants or objects that obstruct the view from the house.

A touch of paint

This is one of the most expensive ways to freshen up your exterior, but it always brings the desired result. Perhaps it comes as a surprise, but simple colours give the most remarkable effect. You shouldn’t mix too many colours and textures, but rather focus on keeping it simple and consistent.

However, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it. If there are natural elements, such as stone or bricks, refrain from painting them too. Instead, make sure you choose a colour that complements the natural elements.


This is possibly the trickiest part of improving the curb appeal of your home and the one that requires help from experts. Very often you need to bring in several experts from various fields, who need to work together. Depending on the type of problems you have, such as rotted sills, worn out joints and window frames or leaking gutters, your renovation works may be quite expensive, so make sure you find an expert for your repairs so your next gutter installation or Storm Window Repair is done correctly and lasts years before they need to be fixed again.

Still, they are necessary, not only for aesthetic reasons, but primarily because of functionality. For example, a leak may damage your ceiling, walls or floors and make much more damage than the cost of repairing a leaking pipe or gutter.

Another issue with renovation is that your house may have already been painted several times without any layers of paint ever been removed. That means you first need to get rid of them before applying a new coat. This is most definitely a job for a professional.

Adding elements

A bench or a rocking chair on your porch would provide that feeling of warmth and cosiness you’re looking for, while having potted flowers and plants would allow you to move them around, thus changing the exterior design easily and as often as you like.

Another increasingly popular feature is a screen door. Regardless of the climate you live in and the safety and security of your neighbourhood, you should advise a professional before making such a purchase, as advised by Sydney’s experts for security doors.

Updating the roof

The icing on the cake, i.e. the crown to your home, is another option worth considering. Not only will it give you an opportunity to fix possible problems, but you can also instantly change the overall appeal of your home by simply updating the roofing. Truth be told, it can be quite hefty, but in some situations it’s a very shrewd investment.

The list of tips for upgrading your exterior doesn’t end here. There are other things to consider and other works that could be done, but these five tips are possibly the most important ones in terms of providing a good return on your investment, though some of the works suggested here could be quite expensive.

That’s why you first need to set a realistic budget and see what you can do without anyone’s help and consult experts only in the fields you have little or no experience in.






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