3 Simple Ways You Can Add More Privacy to Your Backyard

People who live in moderate climates consider their backyards an extension of the house. You can lounge and relax with friends, set up a deck chair and work on your tan or simply grab a morning cup of Joe without anyone distracting you. However, all these activates become virtually impossible to do when you’re surrounded by nosey neighbors and traffic noise every single day.

For a backyard to be considered an extension of the house, it also needs to provide you with nearly the same level of privacy you enjoy inside your home. Let’s go over some of the more interesting and innovative ways you can transform your backyard into a private oasis you can relax in without worrying about your neighbors’ prying eyes.

Outdoor curtains 

Outdoor patio curtains are the single simplest way to not only hide from the rest of the world, but also to define your backyard as a genuine spot for relaxation. They don’t cost much and can easily be attached to a cabana, gazebo or a porch in order to provide you with much-needed privacy and protection against the sun. Unlike more traditional solutions such as building a very large fence, outdoor curtains can be manipulated in ways to accentuate a specific part of the yard or to completely close it off so you don’t have to worry about being seen by passersby. 

If you want a more permanent setup, then your best option is to invest in rust-resistant rods and a drape made of water resistant materials. This allows you to enjoy your little sanctuary whenever you like, without having to worry about the elements. Colorful curtains go well with bland and otherwise empty backyards. On the other hand, if your yard is filled with colorful flowers, then you should pick a more neutral option so it doesn’t take away from the flowery beauty.

Tents and pavilions

Portable pavilions and tents, which you normally see when attending an outdoor wedding, have skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple of years. With an adequate budget, these tents can look like something out of a dream, but don’t worry if you’re strapped for cash as there are numerous retail options you can choose from without breaking the bank. Some of them come with a dedicated fan and a light kit and some can even be zipped shut in order to provide their users with an added level of privacy.

Canopies, screens, and umbrellas

Adding privacy to your backyard can be a costly process. Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions for those who don’t want to make such a big investment. Items such as canopies, screens, and umbrellas are not only cheap and easy to set up, but they can be moved around and tailored to fit any backyard. One trend, in particular, has seen a significant rise over the last couple of years, and that’s shade sails. Since they are made to be durable and withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at them, shade sails can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. Malibu Shade offers these sails as well as other types of affordable and environmentally-friendly ways you can enjoy a little more privacy in your backyard.

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to adding privacy to your backyard and you are only limited by your imagination and, of course, your budget. Fortunately, there are cost-effective solutions that provide the needed privacy from neighbors and onlookers while allowing you to fully enjoy your backyard regardless of the weather conditions. Just don’t go for the absolute cheapest options as they are often made of low-quality materials that don’t fare well with the elements and you’ll only end up regretting wasting your money in the first place.

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