Top Or Bottom: What Is The Best Floor To Live On

Top Floor Bottom Buzzer

If you are looking for a new apartment, you are also probably considering which floor to live on. Some people regard this as an important factor and adjust their search accordingly. Others don’t really care about which floor the apartment in question is, but they do care if it’s on the ground floor, as they fear of the possibility of break-ins. Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer, you need to get all the facts and then make an informed decision.

Here are the facts to be taken into consideration:

1. The view

One of the major reasons people opt for higher floors is because of the view it provides. If a nice view is something you care about, then limit your search to higher levels of a building. Just keep in mind that the floor with a nice view doesn’t have to be too high, as it also depends on the surrounding buildings.

2. Noise

Tenants who have issues with noise or sleeping prefer higher floors to minimize the traffic sounds and other types of noise. Some people also avoid the ground floor because they don’t want to be able to hear other people walking down the street or passing by their window or hearing every tenant that comes into the building. Still, if the ground floor of a specific apartment isn’t located between the entrance of the building and stairs/elevators, this shouldn’t be an issue. Still, higher hallways will almost definitely be reserved for the tenants of that floor only and for occasional guests.

3. Access

Anytime you want to leave your apartment to run an errand or to go to work, how important is it for you to id really quickly? Some people are very impatient when having to wait for the elevator to go up and also when it has to make stops on its way to the ground floor. If you are one of these people, then maybe the ground-floor is a better option for you or at least a low floor where you could use the stairs and wouldn’t have to wait for the elevator to come.

4. Security

Having an apartment on the ground-floor can carry certain risks regarding the chances of having break-ins. Of course, it also depends on the building’s security and its structure, but the fact is that it is fairly easy for criminals to break into a ground-floor apartment. In reality, it doesn’t have to happen to you at all, but if you feel highly insecure about it, don’t force yourself into considering a ground-floor place to live in.

5. Evacuation

In rare cases, a fire, flood or a bomb scare requires the authorities to evacuate the whole building. People living on higher floors generally have bigger problems while evacuating – it takes them longer to leave the building, and sometimes because of the damages to the building’s structure, it can be increasingly difficult to reach the building’s exit. Fortunately, these types of emergencies are rare, but if the possibility makes you anxious, take it as an important factor when you’re making the decision about purchasing an apartment.

6. Storage

If you opt for a ground-floor apartment, there is a good chance you will also have the access to the basement, which can be used as your laundry room or a storage space. In short, you would have your private space that is rarely used by other tenants. Still, it doesn’t have to be a decisive factor, as living on higher floors doesn’t have to pose a storage problem because you can always hire portable storage services whenever you need to take out excessive things from your apartment.

7. Disability and health issues

In case you have mobility impairment, a ground-floor apartment could be a better option, especially if the building in question doesn’t have an elevator. Also, elderly people find it more appropriate to live in lower apartments, as using stairs can pose a great problem to them.

Final words

Again, choosing between a ground-floor or a high-floor apartment isn’t a black-and-white decision. There are benefits and drawbacks for both options, but in the end, your personal preferences will nudge you in the right way.





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