You must cover and protect all items before starting your apartment renovation

Things You MUST Know Before Starting Your Apartment Renovation

Having a home that needs improvements or moving into a new place that needs fixing up can be pretty challenging for those who have never had experience with such a project. We often don’t know where to start or how to handle the whole process without any mishaps or surprises. That’s why good preparation is necessary to avoid stressful situations and unforeseen expenses. If you plan to engage in significant home improvements soon, there are few things you must know before starting your apartment renovation.

Inspect and prioritize the changes to be done

When planning home improvements in our homes, we have to be smart in assessment. Even though the needs for fixes can be many, we need to inspect and prioritize the most important ones and put them on top of the list. Every big project requires a specific budget. But let’s face it, no money in the world could do all the things we want to do at once. That’s why we need to distribute the means to necessary improvements first, leaving minor fixes for the end.

Our walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures hide many secrets that come to light during the apartment renovation. Such issues can be small, like overseen scratches on the floor, broken tiles in the kitchen, and sticky windows to major electricity or piping issues. That’s why inspecting everything at the very beginning is crucial because some of the expenses can be substantial. If you notice these issues on time, you can include them in the renovation timeline and dedicate a portion of the budget to it. Moreover, it’s good to add 30% more for unplanned expenditure when setting up a budget, just in case!

Things you must know before starting your apartment renovation
Before starting your apartment renovation, it’s essential to prioritize significant changes and have clear project goals

Some fixes require permits 

You need to have a clear vision of the fixes you plan to make. After the decisions are made, it’s necessary to check if some renovations require council permits and how to do the application process for such requests. It is a crucial step to make, especially if you’re working on apartment renovations in Canada. Remodeling projects have to follow the rules and regulations because all significant improvements need to be authorized. Still, not every single change in your living space requires approval. Mainly, such paperwork is necessary for:

  • structural repairs,
  • expansions,
  • removing or constructing new walls,
  • moving the pipelines or gas and electrical lines.

Explore storage options

Exposing the items in your home to potential damage and renovation dust is never good, especially if you have valuable furniture. Therefore, to avoid potential mishaps, consider storing them in a safe storage unit, not just covering them during the work.

Consider renovation of areas with a good return on investment

When trying to improve our homes, we often focus only on necessary fixes. Of course, such areas are important to renovate. But usually, we don’t give much thought to the broader picture regarding investments that can pay off in the future. Naturally, improving bathrooms and kitchens cost the most since implementing luxurious elements here will add value to your apartment if you ever decide to sell it. Also, investing in your rental properties can help with passive income. Believe it or not, even some simple refreshments like wall painting and fixture upgrades will mean a lot. The apartment’s location and its size are the main factors that dictate the rent. Still, classy and tasteful adjustments in it can also be a game-changer. Never underestimate the impression well-put features and details of the interior design have on your future tenant.

Luxurious bathroom interior design
Replacing tiles with marble or investing in elegant materials when remodeling a bathroom will increase the value of your property

You may have to find temporary accommodation

If you plan major apartment remodeling that includes temporarily cutting a water and power supply, you probably won’t be able to live there during the work. The best solution would be to use your friends’ and family’s hospitality. But if your home improvement project will take a while, consider renting a room somewhere. In that case, make sure not to oversee temporary living expenses when estimating the required budget.

Renovation can take a while to finish 

Some renovation tasks will be done relatively fast; others can take a month. And not to mention possible complications when it comes to delivery of the materials and the equipment necessary for the installations. Sometimes it takes weeks before they arrive, so it’s vital to arm yourself with patience.

Power lines renovation
Some apartment renovations require disabling electricity lines, so the place is temporarily unsuited for living

Finding the right people for the job is crucial

One of the most important things you must know before starting your apartment renovation is that, like with any business, working with the right professionals on your apartment renovation will make the job much more manageable and stress-free. Still, in the sea of contractors, you can’t help but wonder, “How to pick the right company for the job?” There are a few criteria you should be paying attention to during your search:

  • affordability – often one of the deciding factors when hiring any assistance,
  • reliability – you need to be sure your contractor provides quality service,
  • licenses – the contractor has to be bonded and insured, with all the required permits,
  • partners and connections – a good remodeling company will have great connections with well-known suppliers and the best architecture firms melbourne.
  • portfolio – if you plan to remodel particular areas of your apartment, like the kitchen or bathrooms, going for contractors who specialize in such renovations is a good idea.

Naturally, if someone you know had a similar project in their home, you will want to ask for recommendations.  However, if you can only rely on the internet, narrow down the choices and contact the companies that have made the shortlist. Interview each contractor and get all the necessary answers before deciding which one suits you best.

Talk to experts if you plan to do DIY renovations

Hiring qualified builders and a good project manager is crucial when working on major renovations. Of course, getting your hands dirty is great if you have the time and experience in DIY projects. But serious work requires professional service. Self-engagement in such an endeavor may save you some money, but it will cost you a lot of time and hard work. If you still want to do it on your own, engage a recommendable expert for the small-scale developments to help you start. They can also offer some guidance and tips because there are many things you must know before starting your apartment renovation on your own.