Seven tips to improve home security

Burglary is one of the most common criminal offences in the UK. Crime Stats shows over 370,000 cases were reported between September 2015 to August 2016.The UK police states that homes without any security in place are five times more likely to be broken into than those with security measures. In most UK burglary cases, the criminals kicked the door in or forced it open.

Secure all doors

Crime prevention is not an easy task to accomplish but making your home as unattractive as possible is a good way to start. 33% of burglars use the front door as entry point. Assess all the doors in your home, both inside and outside. The UK police says that getting a locksmith to install strong deadlocks can make all the difference in protecting your property. Avoid glass panels as they are vulnerable. Laminated glasses are stronger.

Don’t advertise your holiday

Its’ tempting to inform everyone on Facebook that you’re going away on a fabulous holiday but you’ll also be alerting burglars that your home will be empty. Cancel all deliveries. The Royal Mail can keep your mail for up to two months through the keepsafe service. If you’re cordial with your neighbours, they might be willing to look in when you’re away.

Install a home security system

Security engineering and cybersecurity have come a long way. There are hundreds of options to choose from when buying a security device. Contact a security system installation service to install the necessary components. “You need to protect your loved ones and your home at all times. Installing a home security system will make sure this happens. Making sure a professional installs it is vital, so give us a call and get your home protected today.” – Barry Green from The London Locksmiths.

Lock the windows

Strong window locks usually pull the window into the frame. When choosing double glazing ensure it has BS7412 and BS 7950 for window performance and security performance respectively. Replace latches with key-operated levers to improve safety. Latches are ineffective.

Don’t hide keys in obvious spots

Sometimes a family member gets locked out and needs an extra key to get back in. Look for smart places around the home to hide keys and garage-door remotes. Keeping it inside the mailbox, under a potted plant or beneath a rock are all obvious spots a thief will find.

Attempt a mock burglary

Michael Fraser is a reformed burglar who earns a living showing homeowners the loopholes in their home security. You can ask a neighbour or reformed burglar to look around and provide valuable insight that can help you tighten home security.

Lower your shrubs and hedges

Burglars are attracted to home with overgrown hedges. It provides good cover for them to break into your home without being seen by the neighbours. Tidy up large plants around basement windows, doors and the first floor to reduce coverage for burglars.


CCTV cameras are very popular in the US and you’ll find them on sale at this security cameras in miami website. Advanced security technology ensures amazing features like remote access, wireless and night vision. Consider insuring your home and high value property with home contents insurance. Lastly, make sure to obtain an auto insurance policy after purchasing a car. You may consult an insurance provider for an insurance quote that will suit your needs. It would bring you more peace of mind.





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