Kitchen Appliances: Maintenance Considerations for a Prolonged Lifespan

Often called the ‘heart of every home’, the kitchen needs proper care and maintenance. Without it, the life of appliances and fixtures will deteriorate, with the cost of new replacements adding up. Here are several tips that’ll get your kitchen appliances in shape in no time and keep them running for a long time.


Your fridge is probably the most essential appliance in your kitchen. However, its moist environment makes it easy for mould colonies to take root. Luckily, you can easily prevent these biological pests and prolong its life, as well as preserve the safety of your food. For the inside part, check the food for expiration dates and bin those which have spoiled every week. Clean your fridge from time to time, removing all the food and rinsing it thoroughly with a mixture of soap and warm water. On the outside, dust the condenser coils on the back, removing any debris that reduce their performance.

Cooktop and oven

Even though most ovens have self-cleaning cycles, the high baking temperatures often cause spilt food such as dough overflow to burn black and cake on the oven floor. When using a commercial oven cleaner, make sure you wear a mask and gloves as the cleaner fumes are very strong. While electric stoves are relatively easy to care for with a basic kitchen cleaner, gas stoves are a bit trickier. However, taking your appliance apart is best left to professionals. For example, experts at Stove Doctor are licensed to repair electrical, gas fitting and LP gas fitting appliances at fixed prices without hidden fees.


The scenario in which someone goes to heat up a bowl of soup in a microwave, only to open the door and find soup residue splattered all around the inside is more common than you may think. However, food spills and particles can quickly build up, especially as they get heated up and hardened each time you warm something up. To remove them, heat a cup of water for about three minutes and let it evaporate inside until mist appears on the glass window. Wipe the interior using a paper towel, and disinfect the inside with soapy water. Remove the plate and wash it separately in the sink.


If your dishwasher no longer makes your dishes clean, don’t blame the food-filled filter. When it clogs, water can’t reach the spray arms to clean the dishes in the upper rack. Make sure you clean it from time to time, before it happens. Pull out the lower rack and remove the filter cover. Use a wet or dry vacuum to clean off the screen. Also, work the nearby float switch up and down several times. If it sticks, clean it with water. Different makes have filters in different places so consult the user’s manual if you can’t locate it.

Garbage disposal

Unlike most kitchen appliances, garbage disposals are harder to reach and a bit trickier to maintain. Keep your hands and large objects out of the garbage disposal at all times, as not only you may damage the machine, but also hurt yourself. Instead, try a natural cleaner such as citrus fruit and dish soap. Fill the sink with soap and water, let it flush and drain, and put two lemon halves in the disposal and let it run until they’re all gone.

Coffee maker

Coffee makers are used daily so they’re especially prone to germs, not to mention moulds and other microscopic pests. After your morning coffee routine, pour out any leftovers and rinse the pot. Leaving coffee residue in the pot is a welcoming party for bacteria, especially after a few days. From time to time, wash the removable parts more thoroughly, so you remove loose coffee powder which remains after a simple rinse. Alternatively, mix one part vinegar to two parts water, put a filter in the basket, and turn the maker on. When you’re done, run 2-3 pots of water to flush the vinegar out.

Modern kitchen appliances come with many smart features that were hardly imaginable decades ago. As a result, the replacement cost is high. Maintaining your appliances properly with the help of a Same-Day Appliance Repair technician won’t only extend their lifespan, but improve their energy efficiency and keep the appliance repair bills low.





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