Home renovations that add the most value in progress

Home Renovations That Add the Most Value

Spending money to improve your home is never a waste. However, there is an optimal way to go about it if you want to guarantee the best returns. To this end, here is a list of home renovations that add the most value.

Bathroom renovation

One of the best home renovations that add the most value you can opt for would be renovating your bathroom. Rare is the home buyer who doesn’t like a gorgeous bathroom. Similarly, suppose a bathroom looks grimy and off-putting. In that case, it can be challenging to close a sale successfully unless the property possesses some other feature that can compensate for the drawbacks of investing in a bathroom renovation. The nice thing about renovating your bathroom is that you have several relatively cheap options. You can replace your bathtub or your bathroom vanity, preferably putting in a double vanity instead. Or you can opt for something more expensive, such as replacing tiles. Of course, the latter falls under home renovations to complete before you move in if you have the option. Living in a house without a bathroom is rough.

A renovated bathroom
Even a simple bathroom can look absolutely amazing!

Touching up your kitchen

Similarly, kitchen renovations almost always pay off. Just like bathroom renovations, you can expect them to make your home vastly more appealing while at the same time adding almost one hundred percent of the renovation investment to its price. One of the most popular, albeit also expensive, renovations is putting tiles into your kitchen. A kitchen tends to be a messy place by necessity, and tiles make it much, much easier to clean and properly take care of the room. Of course, replacing countertops, installing new cabinets, and putting in new fixtures are all just as popular. Not to mention much easier to pull off without much cost or time expended. While renovating a kitchen will not inconvenience you as much as renovating a bathroom, this is another renovation best finished quickly. Otherwise, you’d be stuck eating out or ordering deliveries for a while.

Packing appliances
Have all your appliances carefully packed away from transfer during renovation.

A fresh coat of paint

One of the easiest and most cost-effective home renovations that add the most value is simply providing your home with a fresh coat of paint. Note that, here, we mean your entire home. The interior needs to be refreshed as well. But, just as important is its exterior. Homes that don’t look good on the outside are just not as popular as those that do. Such a project is not even that expensive for something of its scale. The only drawback is that you need to carefully time renovation and set a moving date to have it done on time since you do not want to live in a house that is being repainted in its entirety. Even just the paint fumes would be somewhat overwhelming.

Prettying up the yard

For the same reasons, your yard should be well-tended. An essential thing you can do is invest in having it adequately trimmed and organized, with a garden made and plants planted. If you are planning to sell, try to go for flowers with long flowering periods or even have some color throughout the year. It limits your options a bit but is well worth it. There are also plenty of ways to save money on your home renovation of this type, especially since you can theoretically do it all on your own!

Make your attic useful

Another of the home renovations that add the most value is attic renovation. And among all the choices possible, your best bet would be converting it into a new room. Attic rooms tend to look very nice and are a considerable draw among home buyers. The one thing to remember here, as the experts from 247logisticservices.com like to point out, is renting storage space well in advance for all the stuff you’ll likely need to have moved out of your attic. You don’t want to get stuck with anywhere to put it all, and leaving it lying around can be disruptive.

Installing insulation
Just make sure to have proper insulation put in to make the room comfy during winter.

Adding functionality to your basement

Similarly, if you have a basement in your house, don’t leave it alone. A dark and moldy basement is an excellent way to convince potential buyers they’d be better off not purchasing the property. If you can convert the basement into an entertainment room, that would be best. Basements’ humidity and low temperatures typically do not lend themselves to making a full-blow guestroom or similar out of them. But a home theater would be a fantastic viable choice! Even if you don’t want to invest that much, ensure your basement is clean, tidy, and well-lit.

Barring the drafts

Replacing your old windows and doors is another great choice for a renovation project. Old window and door frames will typically develop warping and decay which allow drafts to form. This absolutely ruins your home’s power efficiency and can straight up make it impossible to keep its temperature controlled. This would make spending winter in it unbearable, with summer only a tiny bit better. Just know that knocking out windows and doors tends to produce a lot of dust. Anything uncovered during the renovations will be absolutely covered in the stuff.

Install or upgrade your HVAC

Once you’ve sorted out the problem with drafts, you can move on to the final of the home renovations that add the most value. Namely, installing a good HVAC system. Lots of homes have old ACs, but the efficiency of those is questionable at best. Not to mention the fact that old ACs tend to accumulate dust and other irritants, which makes using them very unpleasant for anyone with allergies. If you want to make the home of your dreams, coughing every second your AC is on is probably not part of your vision.

Final comment

If you opt for one of the home renovations that add the most value to our list, you will be able to guarantee that your home is improved in a way that appeals to everyone. Whether you want to continue living in it or put it on the market, it will definitely not be a waste of your money.