Contemporary Landscape Design: Trend Watch

As a homeowner, you have the opportunity to create something truly special here. While the backyard could just be the place where the tool shed resides, and while the front lawn could just be “that huge area” you have to mow down every once in a while, there is a potential here for these spaces to become so much more.

These can be true works of art, bringing together aesthetics and unimpeded functionality, spaces that bring people together and build memorable moments spent with your loved ones under the clear blue sky. So let’s take a look at the trends that are dominating the landscape scene and how you can transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful extensions of your home.

Design the “room” you always wanted

Are you dreaming of a beautiful seating area under the stars, or a manly bar and a kitchen boasting all of the essential amenities for an amazing BBQ party with your friends and loved ones? How about a bit of everything? Well, this is your chance.

To build the al fresco space of your dreams, think about bringing the interior outside and complementing the overarching theme in your home with similar hues, textures, patterns, and shapes. This will allow the design to flow freely from one space to another, while still giving the outdoor area the opportunity to sing its own tune. Consider adding a kitchen area and then pave a walkway to the seating area boasting comfortable outdoor furniture and plenty of vibrant throws and pillows.

Make it sociable and inviting

Speaking of comfortable furniture, there is a need for this outdoor space to feel inviting, a need for people to gravitate towards it naturally. This means that the space not only needs to boast unparalleled functionality at every turn but also comfortable seating arrangements with side tables and a striking focal point such as a fire pit that will make it impossible for guests to stay indoors.

Taking the concept a step further, you want to bring the things that make an interior space sociable outside, such as a TV for when an important game is on, which will create the perfect outdoor setting for a gathering with the boys. Likewise, you want to make the space feel welcoming in all weather conditions, so consider introducing a patio umbrella to protect the seating area from rain, and don’t forget to raise a garden and tend to meticulous landscaping to create natural windshields as well.

Bring a natural outdoor oasis to life

There are countless benefits of meticulous landscaping that enrich the al fresco experience. From an aesthetic standpoint, there is nothing more beautiful to look at from the seating area than a vibrant garden boasting colourful flower arrangements.

For instance, the guys behind Think Outside Gardens specialise in creating beautiful gardens while at the same time designing the exterior space that will bring a natural oasis to life. This is achieved by carefully selecting the materials, furniture, amenities, as well as all accentuating features that will enrich the setting.

Accessorise and accentuate

Finally, accents come in all shapes and sizes, but not all focal points and accents were created equal. Every accent type will work best with a different overarching theme, and it will be up to your landscape designer to construct the decor line that works best.

A fire pit, for example, works wonderfully as a focal point in a rustic design, and lanterns spanning from the trees all across the seating area and towards the entrance are excellent for creating that intimate, homey vibe the entire family will love. That said, a more modern setting would enjoy an accent such as a fountain or a beautiful statue overlooking the garden.

Landscaping is an art form in its own right, and it would be a cry and shame if you didn’t create a beautiful exterior that will set the stage for some unforgettable moments spent with loved ones. With that in mind, go ahead and use these design trends to build your own outdoor oasis imbued with happiness and love.





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