An Insight into Different Types of Building Demolitions

While most people are concerned with building different sorts of commercial and residential properties, some of them are also thinking about demolishing them too. This is usually a necessity when it comes to planning new properties and clearing the building site, which is why understanding different types of demolitions is vital. If you too are interested in learning about these, here’s a quick insight that might help you out.


This is the most traditional, popular, and common method of demolition out there, but it’s also among the most efficient ones as well. This approach is used for large pieces of concrete that need to be broken down easily and quickly using explosives. However, the problem with explosive is that it’s unreliable and you can’t control it that easily, which is why accidents happen from time to time. Namely, surrounding buildings and other structures can be damaged as well, so you need to be very careful when using explosives.

Remote demolition

Since it’s done remotely, from a safe distance, this demolition method is also quite popular. It’s particularly useful for all those demolitions that need to be done on inaccessible places and building sites you can’t really approach that easily, which is why this is the choice you need to make in those cases. Using helpful robots that are controlled remotely, you can perform the demolition without putting your crew in danger or spending a huge amount of money. Also, this method is cheaper than some of the others, but still quite efficient and practical.

Industrial demolition

Now, if you’re really serious about demolishing a certain property in the shortest amount of time possible and without making too many mistakes, this is the idea you need to look into. Industrial demolition is all about saving you time and money, and getting the job done properly. Still, not all companies that offer this sort of demolition jobs are the same, so you need to trust only experts and nobody else. Only companies that offer industrial demolition services and rely on trained workers and heavy machinery can guarantee you proper results, and that’s an option you should stick to.


Unlike most of the other demolition methods, micro-blasting shifts the paradigm and uses a new approach: instead of destroying the concrete from the outside, it tries to break it from the inside. This sounds like a silly idea at first, but it actually makes a lot of sense, especially if you know a thing or two about the internal structure of concrete and that fact that it’s actually more vulnerable from the inside. Unfortunately, this method also has a problem with containing the blast, which is why neighboring objects can be damaged or destroyed too. So, if you opt for this idea, be sure to check out all the pros and cons first.

Hydraulic bursting

In the end, this is another popular demolition technique that’s used by people from all over the world, and the reason for that is quite simple – it’s quiet, yet powerful. This method comes with a number of benefits, including minimal vibration, low cost, easy cleanup, high adaptability, and versatility, which means it’s great both for small spaces and huge ones as well. Again, it needs to be performed by professionals, but if they do their job right, you’ll be able to demolish more structures than you anticipated in less time than you’ve hoped.

With so many options out there, looking into the advantages and disadvantages of each is vital. Take your time, talk to a few people who have more experience than you, and you’ll surely make the right decision.





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