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With rising energy prices and the need for emergency preparedness, Progressive Power Solutions (PPS) brings power to your home, business, or even a family cabin.  PPS advisors understand the economics of solar energy, utility rate structures, tax credits, incentives, and other financial factors, and can help customers save 75% or more off their electric bill from day one of installation. We regularly achieve 35-45% system cost reductions and our experienced staff members will help with submitting all necessary paperwork for tax credits, rebates, etc.

 Progressive Power can build systems from single panel to megawatt production plants.  We are solar experts and will design your solar energy system to meet your needs. We have licensed electricians with years of experience in off-grid, grid interactive, and back-up systems.  Our commitment to our customers is to only use high quality warranted parts and skilled workers, and will ensure the highest quality product on the market today.

Sterling Snow, Cedar City Rep – 801-787-2626

1182 N. 1565 West

Orem, Utah   84057Email:




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