Alpine Lawns

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Alpine Lawns

Alpine Lawns provides lawn fertilization and pest control. Many lawn insects and insect-like pests can devastate yards and lawns. These unwanted pests can turn lawns brown, cause grass patches and/or kill the turf. Our environmentally friendly lawn pest control programs allow you to take your lawn back. Call us today!

Spencer Whittaker, Owner (435) 586-4655

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  1. Linda Marriott

    Would it be possible for you to spray for insects today. I am having a problem with earwigs and daddy longlegs.

  2. Mike Webb

    New homeowner 42 N 200 W Parowan, Utah. Need my yard fertilized & weeds sprayed. I also have some questions on my irrigation system.

  3. laurie bleecker

    i am in parowan. did theresa jakowich contact your office about applying pre emergent on my lawn? The 1910 rental call me? 435-477-2563. i am owner and out of state. thanks.

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