Xeriscape to Diversify Your Landscape

In Southern Utah, the average family uses 60 percent of its total water on outdoor landscaping. There are many ways to reduce this water usage that will save your wallet. Rocky Ridge is a provider of water efficient landscaping materials. Using our decorative rock to beautify your yard will save you time, money and water. Landscaping is an investment in your property.

Diversify your landscape, putting trees, bushes, flowers and patches of grass for more water efficiency. Installing a quality landscape fabric under the decorative rock will significantly reduce the growth of weeds, which will reduce maintenance. Knowing what kind of soil you have will also help in using less water.

Xeriscape has several principles to follow:

  • Plan and design for water conservation by knowing your soil
  • Sandy soil needs deeper watering for longer periods of time but less frequently.
  • Clay soil needs short intervals more frequently.
  • Grass should be left longer (2.5”) to reduce water needed and promote deeper roots.
  • Improve soil by adding soil conditioners such as Rocky Ridge’s Garden Mix or Mushroom Mulch.

This will help condition your lawn or garden for optimal growth.

  • Limit turf area by selecting from various decorative rocks.
  • Select plants native to your area and water efficiently.  
  • Maintain your Xeriscape!  Decorative rock adds color and will eliminate or shorten your time spent mowing grass, fertilizing or pulling weeds.

Rocky Ridge has over 40 different varieties of sizes and colors of landscape rock to choose from. Make your landscape beautiful and full of color while saving time and money with Xeriscape.

Call us at 435-867-1368 or visit rockyridgerock.com, or stop by at 500 North 600 West in Cedar City, Utah  for more information.

By Blake DeMille, Rocky Ridge Landscape Rock