What Makes for a Truly Good Home Builder?

Ask homeowners who built their home from a scratch and most of them will tell you – never again. All jokes aside, the amount of stress that building a home involves is huge. According to a 2013 survey by home design site Houzz, 12% couples said they considered separation or divorce during the project. To learn more, check out Divorce Answers.

However, with the right builder on board, the whole process can flow relatively stress-free. Here are some of the signs of a straight ‘A’ builder. 

They are experienced

Like in any business, in home construction there are too many mavericks. However, if you go with established professionals who have done and can prove what you are asking of them, you can hardly miss. A reputable builder won’t only try to give you a winning deal, they’ll also work hard to do a great job. Always ask for their building experience and track record to see if they are capable of delivering what you have in mind.

They are flexible

If you’re planning for a custom home, you should get what you want. The point here is what you want. So, you need to have all your specifications listed – from the exterior finishes to the final details on the inside. However, in this case you need a builder who will allow you to make input on the variables such as colours and finishes. Ask about how they handle changing orders on the go and make sure you are allowed to.

They pride on their warranty

Unlike a bad builder, a good builder takes care of the problem. Something can always come up during construction, even if it’s just an adjustment as it draws to the end. But, if the builder you choose warranties their work, your problem is solved. Make sure the builder’s warranty is in writing and cross-check with past clients on how the builder backs their work.

They use up to-date technology

A good builder is aware of constant innovation in the construction industry. New materials such as self-healing concrete, techniques like 3D modelling as well as equipment such as the survey drone and contemporary laser screed with wireless commands help construction businesses stay on top and deliver excellent quality and value of work in tight timeframes that are demanded today. Other developments in constructions include predictive software and cloud collaboration.

They tell you what’s covered

Many a homebuyer has learned the hard way that when dealing with contractors, it’s more important to know what is not included than what’s included. Questions like these must be resolved before you start or sign on any paper. Start with a clear set of house building plans, a detailed specs sheet with styles and allowances and a scaled plan of the building site. Each of these needs to be signed by you and your builder.

They provide clear communication

Look for someone who can answer all your questions without being vague. Establish clear-cut guidelines for communication from the start, throughout the process, all the way to the final walkthrough and closing. With a good builder, you’ll be able to have a timeline communication, where they can explain what is needed before a certain process starts, as well as what you can expect in changes to your orders. On top of that, a good builder has clear communication with his subcontractors, vendors and supervisors.

They hold on to quality

They say you get what you pay for, but in reality it shouldn’t cost more to have something done right. Quality is achieved by demanding perfection from yourself, your vendors and subcontractors. Your contractors and their subs should never compromise quality for speed. Even though customers often want something done today, they forget that if something takes a week longer to complete, their satisfaction will last much longer.

They deliver value

A less expensive home doesn’t necessarily mean better value. In the same way, a more expensive home doesn’t always guarantee higher quality. Unfortunately, many buyers use square footage price as their measure of value. The truth is that square footage cost can be very misleading, especially when it comes to different styles, specialty items, garage sizes, verandas, etc. The real value is represented only by the degree of your satisfaction when the work is done.

Not all builders are made the same. A good home builder is a great achiever, committed to delivering premium workmanship, and possessing the experience needed to turn their clients’ wishes into reality. On top of that, a good builder is a successful business owner, with a name that resonates quality and value among satisfied customers.