Ways to Enhance the Street Appeal of Your Home

It is quite common for people to be preoccupied with their interior design that they completely neglect the appeal of their home from the outside. Still, regardless of whether you’re trying to attract prospective buyers or not, the first view of the house always comes from the street. That’s why it’s important to redefine priorities sometimes and focus more on improving the street appeal of your home, either for the reason of boosting its market value or just for your own pleasure.

Entrance to your piece of heaven

Your front door is the place where the outside world makes way for your own world. It’s also the first reflection of your character that a first-time visitor sees. Hopefully, your hinges are not rusty and they don’t squeak when the door is opened or closed. A touch of oil or paint can go a long way. Those braver among you may even paint the door in a lively colour.

Though your garage may not exactly be your piece of heaven, there’s still no reason to neglect the garage door. Keeping it clean, functional and neat greatly contributes to the overall appeal of your home.

Your eyes to the outside world

Your windows let the natural light inside, provide views of the outside world, but also affect the exterior design of your home. If you’re satisfied with the service they provide, especially in terms of energy-efficiency, i.e. not allowing unnecessary heat loss, there’s no need to replace them. Still, many old wooden window frames require substantial window repair and maintenance. Sometimes you need to weather-strip them or apply a fresh coat of paint or even replace the glass, since it’s become stained and dirty beyond repair.

Brick rendering

Whichever material was used in building your home, it won’t last forever. However, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to prevent its life from being a short one. For example, bricks are known to be durable and sturdy, but they too require maintenance if they are to last longer. An occasional wash and regular inspection for water damage are just two things you can do to achieve better results. Such bricks can then be covered with your mind at ease, since they’ll neither be an unpleasant sight, nor will they be dangerous to the people living in the house or passers-by.


The area that covers the most of your home when you look at it from the outside naturally deserves a lot of attention, since it sets the tone for the overall appearance of your household. What kind of finish you opt for depends on many factors, ranging from your budget to the climate in the area where you live. What has become increasingly popular is aluminium architectural cladding. You can choose from a wide range of colours, you don’t need to repaint it, and it manages to provide both protection and safety. You may also consider installing vinyl siding to give your home’s exterior a makeover, since siding is something that most people will see first when they first arrive you will most definitely want to freshen it up.

How much time and money you can invest in upgrading the exterior design of your home depends on many factors, but there’s nothing stopping you from performing small, yet necessary maintenance work, such as cleaning the gutters and checking for any damage or leaks. What starts as a minor issue may well turn into a major one, requiring substantial and expensive repair.

Your curb appeal will depend on both how well you maintain what you have and how much upgrade work you’ve done. Remember, not every project requires tons of money and a lot of your time and if you are realistic about your abilities, but plan the works efficiently, the result you achieve can be more than satisfying.