Transforming Your Basement into a Cool Media Room

Oscar season is about to start and so does the dreaming about having your personal media room. Besides, you don’t even have to be a big cinephile to wish for this – perhaps you simply prefer high-quality music, gaming on a big screen, or you just want to have a cozy den to hide in. If you’re not among the lucky ones who have a spare room in their home, the basement is the next best way to make the most of your square footage, so here’s how to transform it into the coolest media room ever.

Start with the basics

media-console-ideas-home-theater-traditional-with-basement-entertainment-center-georgianAccording to the experts, an ideal room for a home theatre should have one or a few doors and no natural light. Remember, cinemas don’t have windows, so a basement really is a perfect spot to build a media room. Furthermore, basements are usually isolated from the sound which is another plus. Once you remove the clutter from your basement, the next step is to choose the right wall colour. Darker shades are the best but make sure you opt for matte paint hues, too – to avoid reflections. The same goes for your floors – they should be as dark as the walls, so choose tiles, hardwood, or carpeting accordingly. You may also consider waterproofing services for your basement to avoid water damage in this space.

Master the acoustics

Whether you use your media room for movies, music, or gaming, high-quality sound is a must. Hard surfaces such as concrete, glass, and leather cause sound waves to bounce off, while soft materials, like cloth, reduce reflection and make your room more acoustic. That’s why covering your hardwood basement floor with some kind of carpeting is always a good idea. Also, if you do have windows, heavy curtains are unavoidable. Adding furniture to a room helps, too – it will force the sound to bounce off in many directions and, therefore, reduce reflection. Covering the walls with foam or fabric panels will not just improve your acoustics, but also cosy up the place effectively.

Set up the big screen

Home décor experts suggest that TV should no longer be a focal point of a living room, but that doesn’t apply for media rooms. On the contrary, a big screen is a necessity and should be the star of your renewed basement. Opt for a TV screen with a lot of inches or a projector – it’s up to your preference. If you go for the first option, make sure that your TV wall mount installation is done properly. In fact, don’t hesitate to call the professionals – it is surely way cheaper than replacing a broken TV. Ideally, the viewing distance from the seating to the screen should be at least 10-15 feet, so bear that in mind when arranging the furniture. If your basement isn’t big enough for this, consider purchasing a smaller screen to get the best movie theatre experience.

Don’t skimp on comfort

eee7d23eccc2419dfb00bfa941f5972eIf you could change one thing about movie theatres, it would probably be to make seating more comfortable. Luckily, you’re the boss in your basement, so the sofas and armchairs can be as comfy as you want. Make them suitable for sitting or lying and throw in a few blankets for extra cosiness and warmth. Also, consider hooking everything up to a remote control so the lights, AV equipment, and the temperature controls are always at hand. You can even build a small home bar or add a table football or billiard table to turn your media room into a fancy social zone. It will make a perfect location for upgraded dinner parties or game nights.

Having a home with large basement area is great, but building your own media room is even better. Clear up the clutter, set up your budget and start renovating. Remember, it’s your home – so turn your basement into a cool media room and end remote control wars in your family once and for all.