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Space-Saving Apartment Renovation Ideas

Living in a small apartment can be rough. You are almost always left wishing for more space to store your things or somewhere to fit in a nice new comfy armchair or sleeper sofa. Unfortunately, it is almost entirely impossible to eke out such space without careful planning. To help out a little, we’ve prepared different space-saving apartment renovation ideas for you to try!

Build a loft

Suppose you live in an apartment with a frustrating lack of space with an oddly tall ceiling. In that case, you’re in luck because you can take advantage of one of the most beneficial space-saving apartment renovation ideas. Namely, you can use all that extra space overhead to construct an entirely new ‘area’ of your home: a loft. Now, note that this is an installation you want to get right. So, look into what to ask your contractor before hiring them to make sure you are signing on with a good construction company!

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that lofts do not typically have a lot of space to stand up and stretch out. So, you want to use your loft for something that doesn’t need much headspace. Ideal choices would be extra storage space or a bedroom.

Install in-wall shelving

Shelving is one of the things people struggle with most when moving to a smaller apartment, so if thinking about downsizing, consider this renovation. In-wall shelving also requires professionals to install since it does mean taking chunks out of your walls and then getting the shelves in properly. However, once the process is complete, you will have high-quality shelving and lots of extra space! If you’ve ever been utterly frustrated by how often you knock things off your shelves, this might be a good idea, even if you’re not struggling to get more space in your apartment.

Add magnetic holders or hangers

One of the effortless space-saving apartment renovation ideas that you can even do yourself allows you to make better use of your walls in a different way. Unlike our previous entry, installing magnetic plates or wall hooks is all you would be doing. The former will be extra helpful in your kitchen or just in front of your apartment’s front door. If you constantly lose your keys, leave them attached to the magnetic holder right by the door! In a kitchen, it’d be helpful to hang up utensils and cooking implements right above your stove. Hooks would be more universally applicable throughout your apartment for hanging clothes, bags, etc. Still, the magnetic holders are a superior option since they do not get in the way when out of use, especially if you have small kids running around your home.

Wall magnets
Wall magnets can be used for decoration, too.

Get multi-purpose furniture

If you are looking to save as much space as possible, you can rarely allow anything in your apartment to have just one purpose. So, your furniture should follow the same logic! It’s very much possible to get furniture with storage space built-in. Elevated beds with drawers built-in under them, sofas that can be opened for lots of storage space under the seat, etc., are all excellent options and will be ideal for an apartment that leaves you wanting for more places to store things. Similarly, some kitchen cabinets come with pull-out tray tables that allow you to eschew a traditional table entirely. Paired with folding chairs, that can save you a ton of space and still provide you with a place to eat. 

If you decide to go for some renovation ideas, note that spring is ideal for home remodeling projects of this type since you’d be moving lots of furniture into and out of your home.

Make full use of your odd walls or corners

There are few things as mind-numbingly irritating in a small apartment as coming across a wall with some genuinely odd engineering. Why’s it necessary for a two-foot deep ‘indent’ in your wall that’s barely five feet long? Just put the entire wall back or fill that in! Thankfully, while such a ‘feature’ is frustrating, you can use it. If you are in desperate need of more seating space, then you can put a comfy bench right there. Following our previous advice, it can even come with a storage area under it! If you want more space to store things, then having a closet installed there is one of the best space-saving apartment ideas you can opt for! It will need to be a custom job, making it cost a little more, but it’ll turn out great!

Use your regular corners fully too

Do not discard the importance of fully utilizing regular corner space either. Many people tend to leave corners alone since they are such an awkward spot to put anything. However, there is a way to make the best of them in nearly every type of room. In your kitchen, you can get a corner sink installed. For a living room, corner sofas are always an elegant choice. You can squeeze a larger bed into your bedroom and free up one side of your room. Meanwhile, you can use your in-wall shelves, or regular shelves, as a desk. The options are endless so long as you let your imagination run free!

A small bedroom
You can still have a large bed in a small apartment!

Look into built-in appliances

One of the best space-saving apartment renovations ideas for your kitchen is to almost completely avoid using regular appliances and replace them with their built-in versions. If you insist on having a full-size or even a large fridge in your kitchen, for example, you are sacrificing a lot of countertop space. Not to mention that it is possible to install cabinets above those countertops! Following our home improvement ideas, you can get the smaller versions of a fridge, dishwasher, and similar that are built into a countertop and get yourself much more breathing room.

A small kitchen
Built-in appliances look nice, too!

One thing to keep in mind

Now that you’ve gone through our space-saving apartment renovation ideas, there’s just one final thing to consider: the cost of getting them done. Do not rush through the process of optimizing your apartment’s space. Things can get expensive quickly if you try! Instead, take your time, and tackle them one by one at your leisure.

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