Residential Plumbing Maintenance: The Essentials

While there is a high chance you are not a professional plumber or an engineer if you are reading this article, you should definitely feel encouraged about your chances to prevent a catastrophe: with a few DIY tricks up their sleeve, practically every man can greatly reduce irreparable damage to their home that would have otherwise been caused by a plumbing problem. With that in mind, read on to learn about the essentials of residential plumbing maintenance. Check out also this helpful service to know more.

It begins with leaks

As you do your regular daily chores in the bathroom and the kitchen, make sure to keep an eye out for leaks. If small puddles begin to form near ‘hot zones’ such as the kitchen sink, bathroom faucet, the shower head and the washing machine, this probably means you are on a cusp of a plumbing problem you can solve by yourself. However, this can also be indicative of a bigger problem so even if you ameliorate the immediate, visible issue, stay alert for a few days and do a close inspection of your household’s plumbing. That’s why, you should call professionals like Dean’s Plumbing immediately.

Know where your main household’s shut off valve is located

The importance of this essential maintenance tip cannot be stressed enough. First of all, you have to own a wrench and have a very specific place for it so you can always find it quickly if the part of your household begins to flood. Second, you should definitely know where the main household shut off valve is located so you can cut the influx of water off before your walls are completely soaked. Hint – it will probably be in a dark and damp place, but reaching it might be a matter of going through new insulation or new wallpapers. Not all water leaks are a plumbing emergency. But, the moment you see some signs of extensive leakage, call emergency plumbing services right away.

Find your own plumbing ‘doctor’

The plumbing pipes that run through your household are like a cardiovascular system. The bigger the burst – the more fatal the ‘heart attack’. This is why it is always advisable to find your own designated professional maintenance plumbing service and have them on speed dial and ready to become familiarized with the entire grid of pipes and sewage canals. After a few interventions, your designated professional will know the weak spots of your household’s plumbing such as drain cleaning, which can make a whole world of difference in terms of saving time once the problem begins to show off dangerous ‘symptoms’. Make sure that they have the right equipment such as a Quad Ring Supply.

Take care of ‘uninvited guests’

Mold and mildew growth is a constant danger in areas of the household that have access to the water flow. They can also cause further damage to faucets and the surrounding area, so make sure to clean them up as you tighten and repair. Also, limescale can be a serious problem if the water in your corner of the country is known to be ‘hard’. In fact, limescale is one of the main contributors to plumbing problems, especially in bathroom areas, so make sure to browse online for plethora of solutions for this matter. Some natural, vinegar based solutions and mixes are known to work.

Know the material

Your pipes can be made of several dominant materials, depending on the age of your household. For example, it is not uncommon to use plastic pipes in newer, more financially accessible households. On the other hand, if the home has been built at least 50 years ago, there is a high chance the pipes are made of galvanized iron, but here’s the trick – it will corrode and rust, and the time for that to begin has long since passed. The last thing you need is the human-sized maroon tints on your walls, so call that plumber on time.

One of the worst aspects of plumbing problems is that they are almost universally insidious by nature. A big problem can appear long before you witness the first ‘symptoms’ in the form of blotches on your walls, or worse. In order to tackle the plumbing problem that has snuck up on you while you want for the professionals you have called to your rescue, you need to be prepared to apply these essential maintenance tricks. You might just manage to tip the scales in your favor before a large scale renovation burns to the bottom of your wallet.