Protecting Your Home this Winter

The winter months can do a number on the exterior of your home.

Whether it’s damage to yours siding, roofing shingles, or gutters, these problems can occur at any time throughout the winter. Keep your home looking it’s best this winter with these upkeep tips!

Keeping your gutters clear.

It is vital to check your gutters prior to the winter season and clear them of any debris that have piled up throughout the summer and fall. Starting with clean slate will make the buildup from winter weather easier to deal with. Throughout the winter, it is important to check your gutters periodically to ensure that there is no buildup of leaves, dirt, or other types of debris. Excess dirt and grime can cause gutters to clog, which leaves snow and ice with nowhere to go when they melt. Those who are looking for roofing companies in Kansas City may contact Bordner Home Improvement.

Dealing with ice dams

Ice build-up, or shingles, can look pretty, but they can also do some serious damage to your roofing and gutter system. When water pools to a certain area and forms a block of ice, this is known as an ice dam. These ice dams can become very heavy, especially if more snow or ice are added, and eventually cause parts of your roof or gutter to break off. If this happens, make sure to call Chase Roofing and have a professional roofing contractor repair your roof as soon as possible. In some cases, ice dams can cause damage to the interior of a home in the form of warped flooring, stained ceilings, or peeling paint. To prevent these issues from occurring, use a rake with wheels to remove settled snow and instantly change the temperature of your roof’s shingles. If you’re really in a bind, fill an old pair of pantyhose with calcium chloride and toss it onto your roof. The chemical reaction will help the snow and ice to melt and create a channel for the rest of the snow and ice to flow off of your roof.

In addition to ice dams, snow build up in your yard may also be a hazard. If you need help clearing the snow in your property, you may contact a commercial snow removal company.

Maintaining a warm home.

You’ll probably run your heater throughout most of the winter to keep yourself and your family warm, but it’s important to consider keeping the actual components of your home warm, too. Make sure your attic has the proper insulation so that your interior walls can properly protect any wiring or piping between them and the exterior walls To avoid problems with frozen pipes, wrap extra insulation around pipes in attics, crawl spaces, and other areas of your home that are prone to the cold. Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets open to allow for extra warm air flow, and allow water to drip from your faucets to keep the water from freezing.

Protect your home from the elements this winter with these tips, brought to you by the professional contractors at All County Exteriors.

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