How to pick the best colors for your bathroom

bathWhen it comes to getting glory through a fantastic paint job, the bathroom is often forgotten. Half-tile walls, sloped ceilings, dull lighting, or one too many windows can make them appear unworthy, but these kinds of scenarios actually provide the chance to get creative with that color scheme. Instead of opting for some “safe” colors with that bathroom, dare to step it up with these tips so you can give that bathroom an eye-catching edge.


Whether it’s natural or artificial, or too much or too little, lighting is the biggest factor in how paint color will appear. It can shift your color into a shade that looks nothing like the color you fell in love with at the paint store.

Save yourself the time and mess with some simple prep. Read up on lighting tips so you can make the most of your lighting and maybe even throw in some style. Then, once you know your lighting and you have your colors narrowed down, take a drive to your favorite art supply store for some canvas boards. Once you’re back home you can paint them with your color choices so you can see how they hold their hue in the bathroom itself. No sweat, no remorse.


First and foremost, you should pick a color that you’re in love with. But second — make it a color that integrates well with the flooring. Whatever color or colors your flooring may be, make that same color a part of your wall. Include this same color in various shades within bathroom decor and everything will tie together beautifully.

Some floors aren’t going to get a wall with the same colors –like say, a tile floor in black and white or bold-colored intricate designs. In this case, aim to accentuate the floor by picking a color that complements it rather than fights it for attention. Too much of any one thing can be a bad thing, so while you might be tempted to pair a dark tile floor with a dark wall, a brightly-colored wall can actually be the best choice. But the door of creativity is still open! Even a loud monochromatic floor allows for a fun modern-meets-traditional paint job.


bath2Just like with the floor, wall paint should consider the color of any cabinetry, furniture, and accessories. Neutral furniture like a light wood armoire would work well with a wall in a bold color and vice versa. Also consider the style of your fixtures. Bathrooms with antique decor are screaming for a wall color from the same time era. Softer colors will almost always be the best best, but you can spice things up with some fun organization like tin towel holders.

Now that you’re armed with some ideas to spice up that bathroom update, get those walls washed with an anti-fungal like bleach to kill any hidden mold. Once you have your walls cleaned, patched up, and primed, you’re ready to rock ‘n’roll.

Now lets give those bathrooms the attention they deserve!