Perfect Plants for Summer

Summer is a season where many people spend more time outside, giving you more of a reason to impress your family, friends and neighbors with an assortment of plants around your property. Flowers, trees and other shrubbery help make houses look unique, vibrant and ready for the summer. Find out what you should be planting this season!

  • Dahlias are perfect for the summer and are easy to grow. Resembling chrysanthemums, these beautiful flowers grow to be Dahliaup to six feet tall and produce large blooms that are layers upon layers of pointed petals growing outwards. Their colors are vibrant and widely assorted, and they are inexpensive to plant. The best part is that Dahlias will last throughout the summer and into the fall.
  • Emerald Blue Creeping Phlox, also known as Phlox Subulata, are beautiful pale blue flowers that have delicate, skinny petals that resemble hearts. These are great to plant during the summer because they are perennials and only need to be watered a few times a week. Pro tip: this flower’s varying shade of blue looks nice when accompanied with shades of purple flowers.
  • ‘Mesa Yellow’ Blanket Flowers are small, yellow flowers that are beautiful perennials. They look like a miniature Mesa Yellow Blanketversion of a a daisy and a dandelion bloom. Scientifically known as Gaillardia grandiflora, these blanket flowers are a nice addition to your summer garden because they are able to withstand a range of climates and can even grow in poor soil conditions.
  • ‘Pink Delight’ Butterfly Bush, also called Buddleia davidii, are butterfly bushes that are a must Butterfly Bushfor the summer. These bushes grow rapidly, producing magnificent and fragrant flowers. The bushes are also deer resistant and easy to care for making them a great addition to any property. The best part is that they will attract beautiful butterflies all through the summer!
  • ‘Green Velvet’ Boxwood plants make great accent bushes with their lush green color. These bushes can be large to Green Boxwoodmedium sized, depending on how you trim them. They require partial to full sunlight and would make a great addition to any garden, especially if alternated with other flowering bushes.
  • ‘Early Amethyst’ Beautyberry – Also known as Callicarpa dichotoma, this bush is very unique. It resembles any simple berry bush; however the berries on this particular bush are purple which adds a breathtaking touch. This ornamental berry bush is sure to make your garden stand out!
  • Bonus Plant: Tomatoes are a great thing to plant during the summer if you’re looking to try your hand at growing tomatovegetables. They are easy enough to start growing, as many stores offer a starter plant, or one that is partially grown. All you need to do is plant it in the ground, and water! Once it starts to grow taller, add a tomato cage to help keep the plant propped up right. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh, juicy, vibrant red tomatoes straight from your garden all summer long!


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