An Objective Insight into Modern Roof Upgrades

According to a helpful contractor service, upgrading your roof is one of the most essential home improvements, especially if you haven’t reroofed your home in a while. There are several upgrades that will increase the longevity and functionality of your roof, as well as the aesthetic appeal. In addition, a high quality roof installed by a professional roofing contractor will be a long-term investment – you won’t have to spend money on repairs every now and then. Here are several upgrades that will enable you to have a quality roof over your head.

Eave Flashing

Eave flashing is the perfect solution if you’ve been struggling with damage caused by ice dams. With little extra investment, you can easily prevent any further ice-dam-related issues. Eave flashing entails bituminous membranes that are to be installed prior to shingling through a simple peel-and-stick process. They should be placed two feet within the exterior wall plane, or three feet in case of low-pitched roofs. The membranes create a watertight seal over the eaves which are particularly exposed to ice dams. Other areas that can be protected with eave flashing are skylight and dormer areas, as well as valleys.

Energy-Efficient Shingles

Shingles of bright colours were often recommended as a solution for cooler roofs. However, due to the fact that many homeowners find their light-coloured look unappealing, these shingles aren’t always their first choice. However, the new version of reflective shingles that come in a variety of different colours is far more popular than the original one.

Energy-efficient shingles consist of granules that reflect radiation while simultaneously absorbing heat which they reemit shortly after. A cool, energy-efficient roof can help you cut down on the cooling costs by approximately 15 percent.

Low-Maintenance Gutters

If a struggle with clogged gutters isn’t unknown to you, a gutter system with curved hoods is the perfect solution for you. The system has built-in hoods that allow water to pass to and through the gutters, while leaves are kept far away. As a result, gutters are free of overflow, clogs and staining. You will never again have to climb onto the roof and unclog the gutters.

The gutters come in different sizes and can undergo the heaviest downpours. In addition, they have various designs and can be easily combined with the style of your roof.  Therefore, don’t forget to replace your old gutters with this low-maintenance model when reroofing your house.

Roof Ventilation

Most of your energy consumption goes on house heating and cooling, so you need to consider opting for high quality ventilation in order to reduce your expenses. One of the possible solutions is going with energy-efficient whirlybird ventilation that reduces roof heat. In addition, this is an energy-saving option powered by wind that increases the circulation of fresh air.

This type of ventilation comes in many sizes and colours, so you won’t have to worry about making it work with your roof design.  Another viable solution is opting for ridge vents that enable air to move under the ridge cap shingles. Owing to these vents, hot air is expelled from the attic, while cooler air is being drawn in. Consequently, this results in a cooler attic and, thus, cooler home.

Airtight Chimney Cap

Apart from performing the usual functions of masonry and metal chimney caps – keeping rain and birds away from the chimney, airtight caps are an energy-saving option that will significantly reduce energy loss in your home. The major portion of the heat is wasted through chimneys during colder days.

This is not the case with chimneys that have airtight caps activated by spring. You can easily open and close the cap by tugging and pulling the spring, thus keeping the heat inside and animals away.

Although reroofing your house might not be at the top of your home improvement list, its importance shouldn’t be neglected. If you invest a reasonable amount of money in improving your roof, you can enjoy long-term benefits, including energy efficiency. Contact your local roofing contractor for a quick quote on roofing services.