Maintaining Epoxy Floors

How to Properly Maintain Epoxy Floors

Asides from looking very good and making any garage more pleasant and inviting, epoxy floors are incredibly easy to maintain. Asides from everyday sweeping and moping, there are only a few other things you can and should do to them. Looking good at all times, easy to clean and maintain, and suitable for practically any room – what more can a man ask from his epoxy floors?

Things You Need

epoxy floorIn order to keep your floors tidy on daily basis, you will have to have a few things at hand. A mop and a dust mop along with a mop bucket will be more than enough for some basic scrubbing. Use neutral floor cleaner instead of soaps, detergents, and wax removers which contain alkalis, because these can damage epoxy surfaces.

Sweeping and Mopping

If your epoxy floors are in high-traffic areas, daily sweeping is more than necessary, but in lower-traffic areas of the home, sweeping and using a dust mop once a week is more than enough. When you need to be thorough, remove all rugs and move the furniture so you can sweet beneath. This way, you will manage to remove plenty of grit as possible, thus prolonging the life of your floors, since grit can cause scratching and wear.

Use Hot Water and Neutral Cleaner

As we mentioned before, when choosing cleaner, opt for the one whose label states ‘neutral’, or that is made just for epoxy floors. It should be non-alkaline and non-acidic floor cleaner, and cleaners formulated specifically for these floors should be mixed with hot water. Read the instruction carefully because you don’t want to use too much cleaner, it can be bad for your floors and your health.

Be Patient

When applying cleaning solution, let it sit on the floor for about five minutes before you wipe it away. Nevertheless, don’t let it dry, because the chemicals will stay on the surface; simply mop it up using clear water and let it dry on its own, or if you don’t have the time, wipe it dry with a large towel or a dry mop.

Wax It

epoxy floorIf you are using quality epoxy paint on your floors, they will look brand new for a long time, and coating will protect them from rot and termites as well. apply a coat of wax over the coat of your epoxy paint because this will make it much easier to clean and also make them shine.

For Large Surfaces

If need be, you can always hose your epoxy floors and then squeegee it dry. This way, you will get rid of stains and dirt, but we still recommend using some chemicals too if you want to make sure they are clean through-and-through.

Hot Water Savings

If you use certain winter road “pre-treatment” compounds, it can happen that you are left with a hazy film on floors after cleaning; just use hot water and a deck brush to remove it. If you have rust stains, you should scrub the surface lightly with a kitchen scrubbing pad and hot water. If the stain doesn’t go away, use mild chemicals, nothing abrasive because those will damage the coating. Keeping he floors clean on a daily basis is essential, since dust and germs can stick to the surface and stain it. Not only is this unpleasant to see, but it is unhealthy at the same time. No one wants to be near stained and dirty surfaces, so make sure you keep your floors clean.

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