An Insider’s Guide to Designing a Dreamy Bathroom

Your bathroom should be the one place in the entire house where comfort, peace and serenity are never a compromise. A bathroom is a place where you should feel completely free, imbued with privacy and tranquillity. In order to achieve this state of peacefulness, you need not only keep your bathroom clean and smelling fresh, but also introduce detailed designs that will speak of your personality with every pattern and curve. Here is how to design your own dream-like bathroom.

Start with furniture

It is important to choose and plan out the furniture of the room before moving on to selecting colours and other features. Furniture can be replaced and modified easily, and re-painting will yield unnecessary cost, both time- and money-wise.

You want to visualize the look of the bathroom in detail before proceeding to purchase pieces of furniture, such as cabinets, chairs, the vanity, and other amenities. Search for furniture types that reflect your preferred design, or you can even hire professionals to build you the desired pieces, so that you wouldn’t have to make compromises.

Primary and accent colours

After you have chosen the furniture, you can proceed to pick out the primary colour pattern for your bathroom. In order to illuminate the room as much as possible and create a space of peace and serenity, you should avoid dark hues and stick to the bright colours. Remember, a dark room is not easily illuminated but a bright room is easily made intimate and dark.

Once the primary colour has set in, you can move onto decorating the walls with accent colours and patterns – these will play a pivotal role in bringing a unique flair into the room. Accent colours should grab your attention with their striking hues and you should use them with subtlety in order to create a complete look of your bathroom. So, make sure you only outline certain areas, such as countertops, beams, doors and windows, pots for bathroom plants, and ornaments.

Create a focal point

While you might think that the bathtub is the focal point of the room, it is actually supposed to be left in the back, allowing for other bathroom features to come to life. This will allow the room to feel less cramped. Things like the vanity and the mirror are adequate candidates, yet nothing portrays a feeling of luxury and comfort like a stylish bidet.

Not every bathroom can be equipped with a stylish bidet, but you should definitely introduce this accent feature into yours. The guys at Bidets Online offer some amazing contemporary options that can help you create a luxurious focal point of the entire room, as well as to easily combine it with complementing features, such as the vanity and mirror.

Beautiful lighting

First, you have to play with the natural elements before you install any artificial lights, so think about how natural sunlight is going to penetrate the room. One of the most beautiful solutions is allowing plenty of sunlight in during the setting hours, when the rays will cast an enchanting hue of gold and red, setting the mood perfectly for a relaxing bubble bath after work or a rekindling of a romantic flame.

Once you have planned the natural lighting, you can introduce artificial lights by choosing subtle glows that complement the décor and placing them strategically to illuminate your entire face and physique, avoiding unpleasant shadows and contrasts. To brighten up the room as much as possible during the day, as well as the evening hours, be sure to mount a big mirror over the vanity.

Add mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, they present a perfect solution not only for making the room glow with brightness and positivity, but they also provide a broadening effect, making your bathroom feel more spacious than before.

While you certainly should mount a mirror over the vanity, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one piece. Rather, introduce multiple ones into the room to reflect as much light as possible. A good idea is to expand your vanity mirror across the wall and even dedicate an entire wall section to a long vertical mirror opposite the bathtub or the shower for it to reflect your entire figure.

Designing a bathroom that speaks the language of love, peace and positivity is a fun and rewarding adventure. And with these professional guidelines, you will have no problems in bringing to life the bathroom of your dreams.