Important Rules to Follow in Re-Designing Your Garden

When you re-design your garden it is the chance to create a very special space that you love spending time in.

Yet, far too many people run into problems by ignoring some of the golden rules of this subject. If you want to get results to be proud of then the following are some of the most important rules that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Choose a Style and Stick to It

Will you go for a slick, modern garden, or a timeless rustic look? Will you make it bright and bold or subtle and under-stated?

There are many different styles you can use here and the secret is to first pick one and then follow through with it. If you mix styles or lose your focus part of the way through then you could end up with an unsatisfactory mish-mash of looks.

You might find that it is easy to stick to your chosen style if you write down a list of ideas that fit in with it. This means that right from the very start you will be focused on the elements that make most sense.

Alternatively, you could put a lot of images of your chosen style up on the walls to inspire you and stop you from making any mistakes.

Don’t Feel Fenced In

A common mistake is to make the fence or wall too high. If you do this in a relatively small garden then you will make it feel too small.

The size of the boundary has to be in accordance with the overall size of the space that it is in. You might want to increase your privacy and security but you don’t want to feel trapped in your own garden as a result of this.

Take a look at other gardens of the same size and this should help you to work out what size of fence or wall would fit in neatly to your property.

Make It Easy to Maintain

If you are designing a garden from scratch then there is no excuse for not making it very easy to maintain. Maybe you will plant low-maintenance shrubs or use artificial grass instead of natural turf.

You could use gravel paths and you could also use a pond pump with a filter to keep the water clean and fresh all the time. Even if you enjoy gardening, there is no reason to make it more difficult than it has to be. And if you need stone and gravel for your garden, make sure to get one from a legit stone gravel supplier.

Simple little gadgets such as water irrigation timers can save you a huge amount of time in the long run if use them wisely.

Use the Right Proportions

An area that you might easily overlook is around the proportions that you use in your garden design. Ideally, every element will look just right when looked at individually and also collectively.

A good idea that many landscaping experts and tree services use is to start with the biggest elements. This means planting trees or building walls and structures first of all.

With these big pieces of the puzzle in place you can then add in the smaller things such as shrubs and pieces of furniture. After that, you should look at adding the smallest parts like flowers and small plants.

In this way, you can see the design start to take shape before your eyes and make sure that your home and garden ideas work in harmony.

Follow Your Own Tastes and Desires

Lastly, it can be very easy to get swayed by other people’s opinions, especially if they are negative and make you feel bad. However, the truth is that other people probably won’t understand what you are doing until the whole thing is finally finished.

A garden re-design goes through a number of different phases and at times it can look like a bit of a mess. Yet, if you have a plan clear in your head then it is time to be brave and stick to it. Having a clear plan will also help you determine in advance the things and services you will need such excavation services, drainage installment and even renting a Commercial Dump Truck.

You are sure to have some doubts on your first ever project of this type but it is important to remain confident and up-beat about what you are doing. If you have thought things through well from the start then it is simply a question of making sure that you keep going.

Above all, you should look to remain faithful to your own tastes and desires all the way. If you give in to pressure or the doubts in your head then you are likely to regret it later on.   

If you can stick to these rules from the start all the way through to the end then you will end up with a wonderful garden that reflects your tastes and that you can be truly proud of. The re-design might be a very stressful and trying period of your life but if you can get it completed the way you want it to be then you will be able to enjoy it for years in the future.