The Importance of Garden Design for Property Value

feature imageAccording to a landscape economist John Harris, good landscaping can add up to 28% to the overall property value. Of course, it is absolutely crucial to create a garden that is low maintenance but at the same time well presented. In order to maximize the potential profits, the garden design needs to be carefully planned, because otherwise it can prove to be quite a costly endeavor.

There are two goals a garden is supposed to fulfill, to make the home more comfortable for residents and more attractive to potential buyers. The first impression is very important, because most home buyers become interested in a property at first glance, so a good looking garden can boost a property’s selling potential exponentially.

Plan Ahead

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Before you start re-designing your garden you should consider your target market that is most likely to purchase your home and what the trends are. The element you will add to your garden and how much you spend on it will be determined by the value of your property and your target market.

Let’s assume that the target market is a family with two kids. Such family will have certain needs and desires. For example, an outdoor area for kids to play, durable, attractive and low maintenance plants, and a seating area to entertain or enjoy an outdoor meal from time to time.

Besides looking good, the garden also needs to be functional. The overall layout of the garden is essential. There should be an area to dry clothes, park the car and store the garbage bins. Although these elements are critical for most gardens, they do not have to look ugly. There are tricks to reduce the effect of these elements on the visual appearance of the garden such as, retractable clothing lines, hiding garbage bins down the side of the house and or create a low screen for that purpose.

Consumers Prefer a Sophisticated Garden Design

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Firstly, in order to create enough space for a specific gardening style a potential seller should increase the number of green rubbish removal. Then the seller can opt for a particular gardening style, which should be one that satisfies his needs and is visually appealing to potential buyers. Minimalistic style is a good choice in this case.

Consumers favor foundation planting alongside with adjacent planting beds and two to three larger island beds.It is important to consider that basic builder landscaping specials actually lower the value of the property, while a sophisticated landscape design can add up to as much as 42% to the property value. Also, vivid annuals and perennials can add as much as 36% to the property value.

Also, it is very important that there is a diversity of plant types. So, besides annuals and perennials, evergreens and flowering shrubs should also be included in the design.

Investing in a Garden Design is a Wise Idea

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After taking these factors into consideration, it is pretty obvious that making this type of an investment is a wise idea for any property owner, whether he is looking to sell the property or to keep it.