How to Add Style to Your Home Workspace

If you are working from home, you probably already know the struggles of trying to find enough motivation and inspiration to get down to work. This is especially true if you don’t quite have fixed working hours or a somewhat thigh schedule. The biggest mistake many people working from home make is not treating their job like a “real job” but rather have an “I’ll do it when I feel like it” mindset. Spoiler alert – you probably won’t feel like it up until the deadline.

However, those who realize that working from home requires and entails the same amount of professionalism as working from the office does will have a much easier time managing their obligations. Furthermore, those people probably already have a functional home office or they’re at least working on creating one. So, if you too are looking to put together a stylish home office, check out some of these ideas.

Declutter and organize

The first staple of any stylish space is cleanliness. Simply put, no cluttered area will ever look stylish and elegant, no matter how much you try. That’s why you need to see to it that you get down to some serious decluttering and get rid of everything that simply doesn’t belong. Once that is done, invest in some good organizing containers and systematise all the items you still have in your home office. For files and other paperwork, you can get some stylish filing cabinets or even go for some unusual paper organizers you can make yourself

Get the right furniture

Another common mistake when it comes to home offices, in general, is that people usually don’t invest in the right type of furniture. Rather, they are more likely to use just any table they have extra as a work desk and get a random chair to sit on. This is not only completely unprofessional, but it’s actually bad for your health and can seriously hinder your performance. So, instead of suffering from a stiff neck and sore back, invest in the right type of furniture for your home office but don’t forget about style, either. Check out some stylish one-person desks that offer the right type of support and invest in an ergonomic work chair that will promote proper posture throughout your workday.

Add some pizzazz

Just because you’re trying to set up an environment you’ll spend most of your time working in, that doesn’t mean that everything needs to be too strict or serious. What it actually means is that you need to create an environment that motivates and inspires you to excel at what you do. And if that means that your office will rock a fluffy shag rug and some colourful throw pillows on your cute little break corner, so be it! Obtain as much décor pieces that inspire you as you can and make them an integral part of your home office design. Invest in good task lighting to illuminate your work space properly. Finally, get quality bookshelves and display all of your professional literature so that you have it at arm’s length if you ever happen to need to consult some of it.

Fill your walls with useful stuff

The best part about setting up a home office is the fact that you can easily use some of the office essentials as décor. For instance, a whiteboard is definitely something everyone needs in their home office, but you can choose to decorate or even frame it to match the overall aesthetics of your office. Additionally, you can get a pinboard and aside from hanging up all the reminders and other stuff on it, you can also play a bit with its design. Pin your favourite photo on the pinboard or add an interesting motivational quote in cursive to make the board truly personal.

Creating a beautiful and stylish work environment in your home should make you more motivated and inspired to do your job. Some other hacks that boost productivity in people working from home include getting dressed instead of working in your PJ’s as well as limiting your breaks just like you would if you were to work in a commercial setting.