Home Library Designs

Home Library: Design Considerations

 Lying in your bed with a Kindle in your hand is quite pleasurable as an average e-book reader weighs about 200 grams and is easier to hold in your hand than the collected works of Shakespeare, novels by Karl Ove Knausgård or The Lord of the Rings. However, some people still prefer the sight, the smell, the enjoyment and the excitement of an actual book. If you are a book lover yourself, a home library might be something you have always been yearning for. It does not have to be huge nor decorated in any special way, but it still needs to include a few items that are not to be omitted. Here are several ideas that might help you furnish it.

Shelves: Go Big or Go Home!

15053505647_12dfee2340_zA book lover’s biggest problem is where to place all your books. There are two paths you can take when it comes to the shelves: install wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling ones, or, alternatively, set up a smaller one which is ideal for people with a more moderate collection of books. But, true bibliophiles follow one simple principle – go big or go home! That is why custom made bookshelves are perfect for them, as you can build them on your own and modify them according to your wishes and the number of books you own.

Walls: Neutral or Colorful?

When you are in a reading mood, not a lot of things can disturb you. Noises are cancelled, colors are toned down and everything else is ignored. Because of that, your home library should also be painted in warm or neutral colors. These create a sense of peacefulness and that is something you need when plunged into a book. Of course, you can use wallpapers as well, but try to avoid bright colors and psychedelic patterns. Remember: black or white are always good options as they will create a nice contrast for your colorful shelves.

Floor: Just That Extra Coziness

If you want to feel relaxed in a home library, selecting a rug over tiles or laminate is a must. Rugs ensure warmth and peace, but also add to the overall aesthetics of the room, especially when they are color coordinated with the walls. That is why you should always choose one of those cozy flatweave runner rugs instead of other flooring options for your library and make sure your level of comfort is as high as possible.

Furniture: A Handful of Pieces

15310087532_995b0a6f45_zMany think that all rooms look quite empty unless they are packed with a ton of furniture, and that is definitely not the case with a home library. This space should be free of clutter and include only the essentials: a comfortable sofa, a relaxing armchair or two, a coffee table and a small desk, in case you wish to make a few notes or write something down yourself. And that should be it! No excessive furniture and no unnecessary items will leave more room for the shelves – which are what a home library is all about. With a few extra touches, this space can also serve as a fully functional home office.

Final Thoughts

Some of the other things you can include in your home library decorations are proper lighting options – a combination of natural light and energy-efficient LED light bulbs, for example, is something that every avid reader will appreciate. Moreover, try to find a lamp that you can point directly at your book and provide the maximum amount of light at all times. Finally, think about library ladders that might come in handy with extra high shelves. If combined carefully, all of these details will turn your home library into a perfect space where you can spend countless hours.