Helpful Tips for choosing the perfect lighting for your home.

Lighting is responsible for creating the overall feel of a space. Are you looking for a space that is beautiful, functional, relaxing, productive, or one that draws people together? Did you know the type of lighting you choose can achieve all of those?

Let’s talk about commonly asked questions from our Mountain Lighting customers.

1. How much light do I need in each room?

This is a great question that we are glad gets asked. Good design brings the needed light levels and mood of your space together. Lighting is one of those things that you don’t really notice until there is a lack of it in the spaces that really need it. At Mountain Lighting we recommend making sure that the task areas of your home have plenty of light. With that being said, more light isn’t always the best choice when choosing a fixture. Think quality versus quantity. We recommend placing light where it is really needed and keeping mood lighting elsewhere. Think a brightly lit kitchen verses a lamp in your living room. Both have purpose and can create an inviting environment. Different rooms throughout your house need to feel differently. That is what will create that homey feel that will make you want to stay and others to visit often.

Have you heard of layered lighting? The American Lighting Association suggests that the most aesthetically pleasing and effective way to light a room is to have three layers: overall, task and accent.

  • Overall lighting is the main illumination in a room. This will be the light above the main work or living space. The overall light could be from a chandelier, multiple pendants, recessed lights, a ceiling fan with a light, or some other main light source.
  • Task lighting is the light needed for specific tasks such as cooking, reading, applying make-up, etc. Examples of task lighting could be portable lamps, sconces next to a dressing area, and recessed lights or pendants directly over a work area.
  • Accent lighting could be toe-kick or in-cabinet lights, cove lighting, or small portable lamps.

Depending on where and how some fixtures are used, they could be any type of lighting. For example, pendants might be considered overall lighting or task lighting, even accent if small and in a corner. The important thing is to layer the lighting so that appropriate illumination can be achieved for the activity taking place. Don’t forget to take into consideration the natural light you will have when designing your space.

How can I add personality to my home?

Mountain Lighting offers lighting options that aren’t just on your ceiling. Using accent pieces can add drama and decoration to your space. We love when customers add in wall sconces and lamps as a source for their lighting. Think about plugging in a wall sconce to fill up that spot on your wall that could use an accent to draw attention. Little additions can make a huge impact in the overall feel of your space.

What if I don’t have one specific style of light I’m drawn too?

With so many style options out there, this is the part that most of our customers worry most about. We recommend starting by choosing one fixture they absolutely love and building from there. Most often this will help them determine if their style is Modern Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Coastal…

We love a little contrast too! Lighting trends show that mixing styles is completely fine! Don’t be afraid to choose what you love and not just what you feel is safe. Matchy-matchy isn’t always the best way to go. You can choose fixtures that compliment and bring a cohesive feel to your home without only shopping “collections”.  The fixtures do not have to match exactly, but having one or more design element that is common to all of the fixtures is a good idea.

Do all the finishes on my fixtures need to match?

Absolutely not. Mixing metals is totally in! Make the space yours! Do what you love. I recently remodeled and was worried about mixing older with newer fixtures. Let me just say, there is nothing like a new piece of lighting to completely transform a space. If you are on a budget and need to start updating slowly, changing out even one fixture at a time is okay! This is a great time as far as lighting trends go to make that easily happen and still have your home look amazing. In today’s design climate, it is very appropriate to mix and match styles and finishes.

What kind of lights are going to be “in” in the next few years?

One of the biggest trends we think we will see is the influx of LED lighting, clean lines, slimmer profiles and more creative outdoor fixtures. Homeowners will continue to be drawn towards the simplicity of design.

At Mountain Lighting we are happy to help with any questions you might have in choosing the perfect lighting for your home.  

Sandi Lunt, Mountain Lighting