How to Furnish and Decorate a Small Nursery

There are so many things to think about when we’re decorating our kid’s room, especially when they are babies. They have no many needs and we need to accommodate them all – not only in the nursery, but the entire house. They need beds, changing stations, proper lighting and all the storage of this world, it seems. But the challenge gets even harder when we are dealing with a lack of space. But in today’s world, that is actually the case in more and more homes – nurseries are transformed closets, added rooms or sometimes just a part of a room that already has a function. Not to worry, there are ways to deal with this.

Utilize all of the surfaces

The room you are working with is more than just the floor space. The walls are valuable space that can be utilized for nearly anything, and with a little creative thinking you can save yourself a lot of space. For example, painting one wall with chalkboard paint means that your kid will be happily drawing on the wall, and you save the space you would have used for an actual board. The same goes for putting up shelves, lights, and any other entertainment system. Utilize the height of the room by placing things that the kid isn’t supposed to reach on the top shelves, and let them roam free in the areas they can reach.

Keep it simple

A lot of people, especially right after getting a baby, go a bit crazy with shopping. They think that they need all of the supplies in the world to caret to their baby’s needs. Really, there are three things you need: a crib, a changing station and a wardrobe for storage. Now, taking into consideration that you can use a waist-height cabinet for storage of the necessities and make the top of the cabinet into a changing station, you really start to realize that there are a lot of ways to save space. Remember that you don’t need to store all of the baby’s things in the actual nursery. Out of season clothes, spare linen and similar things can be stored into another part of the house. You can also place a nursing chair into a different room, or omit it altogether and get some comfy pillows to make your bed into a nursing station.

Get convertible furniture

The best thing you can do for a small room is to not have everything out at all times, but still have it easily accessible, and the way to do that is convertible furniture. Take a hint from public bathrooms and get a foldable changing table, so that you can store it away when it’s not being used and not have it take up precious space. Foldable tables and chairs are great because you can take them out when you need them and simply tuck them away after you’re done. Getting a kids storage hamper is another great idea, because they are collapsible, so when nothing is being stored in it, it doesn’t need to take up space. Get creative and use a thin shoe cupboard for storing diapers and have a small table on wheels that you can move around the room depending on where you need it.

Make sure that when you are buying furniture, you are thinking ahead: kids grow up much faster than we think and you will want to use a changing table that will be able to convert to a desk, or wardrobes that they will still want to use when they are in their teens. No space is too small if you just have a little bit of creative thinking.