Affordable Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping on a budget may seem like an impossible task at first. However, just because you want your backyard to get that chic outdoorsy look, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on patios, pavements, plants or furniture. With a few simple ideas, a little help from your friends, and some creativity, you’ll both save a few pennies and get the backyard of your dreams.

Cover the ground

If you want your backyard to leave a great first impression on the guests, think about getting creative with ground covers and pavers. With recycled or broken pavers, you can easily cover the unused ground space and create a beautiful mosaic path. Pathways from your seating area to the house entrance, or from the entryway to the gazebo will provide the backyard with a chic appearance. Therefore, consider laying the stones on top of the grass, and plant some perennials in vibrant colours in between for a nice contrast. If the ground around the seating area needs to be covered as well, it’s a good idea to invest in crushed rock and gravel, for a more casual surface.

Create cute nooks

A larger backyard could accommodate several nooks where you could enjoy doing many different activities. With affordable furniture pieces, you can fashion a little seating area for the family to gather in the afternoon or evening. Choose the pieces made of wicker or iron, because they can withstand the outdoor weather conditions. Add a couple of throw pillows in stylish patterns for a trendy look and comfort. With a hammock hung between the trees and a rocking chair, you’ll have a nice little relaxing nook where you can read or just enjoy the fresh air and the sound of the birds singing. Think about painting the iron chair in some vibrant colour, and add liveliness to the entire decor. If all the furniture is made of iron, consider painting the chairs for your seating area in one colour and the ones for your dining area in another to create a colourful furniture arrangement.

Plant some greenery

When you’re looking for budget-friendly plants, invest in perennials. Sage, kangaroo paw, buddleia and coneflower will look amazing in any yard, giving it a pop of colour. Consider astilbe, purple ball-shaped allium, or some spiked purple veronica flowers to match the rest of the foliage in the garden. While spending money on perennials may seem like a big investment, it will pay off in the long run, saving you the trouble of planting the flowers every year. In case you have some trouble with the rest of the greenery, want to do some tree trimming, or in case you decide to remove a tree from the yard, don’t do it on your own ‒ call The Tree Guy for the best and safest service. To break the colourful pattern and add some texture to the backyard, think about planting low-maintenance grasses. Even though you won’t break the bank, the grasses will look expensive, giving the backyard a high-end appearance. With a few perennials in between, flax, fountain grass, blue oat grass and zoysia will look beautiful.

Set the mood with lighting

Spending time in your backyard at night has a special charm, but only if you can enjoy it in some romantic lighting. Spread out string lights all over the trees for a special intimate atmosphere. For a welcoming ambience, consider investing in single-colour strands or solar path lights. Place the solar lights alongside the walkways, along the border of flowerbeds and make sure the backyard is well illuminated during the night.

No matter how expensive the backyard landscaping may seem, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With a little bit of creativity, help from your friends, and plenty of tree trimming and residential yard work, you’ll have a fabulous backyard in no time.