How to Achieve Optimal Household Security

Ensuring household security is a mission impossible in this day and age. With break-ins becoming so common, it seems like there’s nothing you can do against modern thieves and their high-tech gadgets. Unless you’re, of course, wiling to hire a retired world boxing champion to look after your residence 24/7. If, however, that’s something you can’t afford, don’t worry – there are other available options. Here are a few suggestions that might help you reach a decision.

Layers of Protection

Relying on one method of household security, no matter how sophisticated it is, just isn’t enough anymore. Even the most expensive systems can be breached and the loudest alarm silenced. That’s why you need to consider installing several layers of protection – from secured doors and windows to surveillance cameras and motion detectors. More layers ensure better protection, so find a way to combine them properly.

First, consider what each option can do. Motion sensors are, for instance, effective inside your home, while door sensors monitor the outside area. Together, they provide a good overview of the entire premise and make you feel much safer. Moreover, installing several surveillance cameras around your home is far better than having just one – luckily, you don’t have to spend too much money on this, but learn how to use your old phone as a camera.

Cover the Basics

Having the best household security system in the world means nothing unless you’re equipped with proper windows and doors locks you can ask Locksmith Sandgate to install. Not many people take this aspect into consideration when putting up protective walls around their homes, but this is more than important.

First of all, get a high-quality front door that will look mean and unwelcoming to potential burglars. Next, you should hire a commercial locksmith and have them install a lock that is difficult to pick or otherwise bypass. Burglars will usually go for easy targets, meaning reinforced doors and windows with difficult locks could be all you need for them to move along and look elsewhere.

Also, locks are quite essential and surprisingly helpful, since these nifty little things will make a difference between a house that’s easily broken into and a safe one. As soon as you purchase a trustworthy lock, your safety level will increase significantly, provided that you have it installed by an experienced locksmith.

Don’t Spark Interest

One of the most important things is not to look suspicious and weak. As burglars carefully surveille a house before deciding to break into it, try to fight back using several techniques. All you need to do is appear like you don’t own anything worth stealing and that you’re very much into security systems. If you manage to do this, thieves won’t waste their time on you, but move onto the next victim.

Be sure to throw out electronics and appliance boxes far away from your home, so that local burglars don’t find out you’ve just purchased a brand new 60-inch TV, laptop or stereo. The less you show off, the more secure you are. Also, if you’re going on a vacation, make it look like you’re at home – leave the lights on, ask someone to collect your mail, pause your newspaper subscription and ask a friend to check up on your empty home from time to time. If you create an illusion that you’re still there, fewer thieves are going to target you.

Hide Your Valuables

However, what if someone still manages to break into your home? What will they look for and how many things will they be able to steal? If these questions frighten you, find an alternative solution – hide all your valuables!

Unfortunately, you can’t hide your expensive TV or a valuable painting hanging on your bedroom wall, but it’s possible to do something about your family jewels or money savings. Identify your most treasured possessions and find suitable places to hide them – small drawers, mattresses, hollow books and secret storages are just some of the places where you can hide your valuables.

Other Ideas

Other things you can do to protect your home against intruders are getting a guard dog, organizing a neighborhood watch, installing motion-activated lights or wireless security system you can use even when you’re out of town. How To Use Your Android Phone As a CCTV Security Camera.

This way, your home will be safer and you’ll be much calmer.