6 Alternatives to Packing Supplies

PackingWhen you’re searching for a cheaper, easier and greener way, buying so many boxes that you need for moving out is not the right thing to do. You may want to find good alternatives for packing your supplies. These are some materials that may help you in preparing your old items for your new home.

  1. Newspaper
    The newspaper is something that will help you very much. Instead of spending so much money on bubble wrap you can use it to protect your fragile things quite well. You can ball it up, torn it into strips or just use it to wrap things. It is really a cheaper way of packaging your stuff. But be careful with the light-colored items – the newspaper print may cause permanent stains on your stuff.
  1. Clothes
    Old clothes or pieces of them are just as well a good way to put your things in a safe place. While wondering whether to throw that favorite sweatshirt of yours or give it to someone – just wrap it over some breakable items or use it as a space filler.
  1. Borrowing
    If you know someone that has recently moved you can ask him or her for borrowing some storage boxes or suitcases. It is cost-free and eco friendly way of arranging your items. You can return the favor someday when they need it.
  1. Suitcases
    Every one of us has travelled somewhere, so we surely have at least one suitcase. They’re a good alternative to the packing boxes and may hold many items especially our clothes. You can put them there and open them when you’re already ready with everything else. Some other things that you can put together with your clothes are the hangers. Instead of looking where to put all these hangers you can just put your clothes on them and put all together in the suitcase.
  1. Old boxes
    If you haven’t thrown away the old box of the television, computer or any other item that came with a box – consider yourself lucky. Your electronics have their own place to be put, all you have to do is to reinforce them and they will be like just coming from the store.
  1. Rubbish bin liners
    In them you can put all the fluffy toys of your child, your clothes, bedding, towels and curtains. You can mark them with any colorful strings or stickers so as to differentiate it one from another.

The most important thing in moving out is the way and time you packaged your stuff. Organize your time well and be sure that everything is secure no matter in what kind of package is sorted. You may use paper cores to make your packaging process more efficient. Once you’re ready with the packaging you can wait for the moving van and enjoy your travel to your new place.